Kiteworld Issue #85 Released

Kiteworld issue 85 kitesurfing magazine



Kiteworld issue 85 kitesurfing magazine

Cover #85. Rider: Brandon Scheid / Photo: Vincent Bergeron – Hood River, shot for our ‘Negotiators’ gallery



Speed is addictive and it’s how success in the vast majority of sporting endeavours is measured. Ran a 5k? How fast was it? Borrowed your mate’s car and got caught speeding in it? How fast were you going? The desire to go faster ultimately permeates so many things that we do for fun and kiteboarding is no different.

During 2016, in winds as low as six to seven knots, we’ve seen foilers screaming along at 25 knots. Nico Parlier clocked a speed of 44 knots in a foil race in Australia towards the end of last year and, while this is undoubtably rapid, it’s nothing on the 62 knots that F-One team rider Alex Caizergues has hit on a speed board.

Fundamentally, we’re all seeking out the thrill of speed, and for core of this issue we’ve charged most grunt of our own editorial engines towards the purest and most focused elements of going fast.


Kiteworld 85 kitesurfing magazine racing


We take a look at the gear, habits and progress made by a dedicated set of kitespeed racers, as well as a burgeoning foiling elite who are supported by teams of designers intent on producing the next world beating design.

The developments at the elite end eventually drip our way as regular riders, so we also look forward to finding out how our riding will be affected.

And most excitingly, we’ll find that speed and racing are no longer just for the old guys. The young guns are taking over!



Kiteworld 85 kitesurfing magazine


Brandon Scheid and Eric Rienstra fill their jibbing fix with natural terrain hits in Hood River.



Kiteworld 85 kitesurfing magazine gear tests

093 – TESTS

A freeride feast of gear this issue, including: the Airush Union, Cabrinha FX, F-One Bandit and Core XR4 kites. The Shinn Ronson twin-tip and Liquid Force Moon Patrol asymmetrical twin-tip line up alongside the RRD foil and Brunotti S-Bryck soft top surfboard.


Kiteworld 85 kitesurfing magazine technique articles

Achievable for early intermediates and above, the popped nose grab 180 off a kicker is a classic move to add to your repertoire.


All that plus Wakestyle Workshop, Brexit for kitesurfing holidays, early foiling technique tips and gallons more. 


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