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Ever wondered what separates the best from the rest? The men from the boys... and the women from the boys, more to the point! This issue we tell you. Alex Caizergues broke the infamous 50 knot barrier last year and held the world sailing speed record until September this year when a huge tri-maran monster called Hydroptere added a few tenths of a second to his record. The Luderitz Speed Challenge starts in November and we talk to Alex about his experiences last year, how he feels about this year and the fact that he's already recorded a 58 knot maximum speed. Surely things are looking good!
We also talk to the first lady of speed, the UK's Steph Bridge. Steph has won the PKRA world course racing title for the last two years and regularly places well within the top ten in the men's fleets. In the next issue she explains in detail her tactics, theories and tells you what you should be practising.
A future of freeride is here. Jim Gaunt went to Fuerteventura in September to see Airush's new creation, the Sector 60, the ultimate cruising machine ? a piece of kit that Airush see as crucial in the continued growth and success of kiteboarding. If comfortably planing in more spots in just seven knots of wind is the future, then bring it on!
On top of all that we've got some stunning gallery features, showing the best photographers in their sport, innovating in the way they shoot alongside the best riders in the world. You'd better get your good lenses in to be able to cope with the high razzle-dazzle of it all.
Plus, all the latest gear tested, technique explained and news hounded.

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