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St. Augustine
While everyone else was chowing down on the Turkey giblets and mince pies over the Christmas holidays, the boys and girls in the back room editorial bake house were cooking up something very special to keep you out of trouble for the next couple of months. Issue #37 comes with our free annual Travel Guide supplement...from the idyllic to the rough and ready, we've got spot and resort guides from four continents to cater for all your varied tastes. Holidays and travel is important - it keeps us sane, grounded, refreshed and provides for a healthy reality check. Fill your boots and book that dream trip. It's always worth it.
Moving onto our bread and butter: churning out the highest level in top shelf kite smutter, and where better to start than the cover of the new issue. Marc Ramseier has made Indo his second home, which is pretty obvious when you check out the angle he hits the mangle on the front page. Full vertical style right in the critical section bagged him his first KW cover. The poor Swiss ripper is currently out of action after knee surgery, but was chuffed with his belated Chrimbo pressie of featuring on thousands of coffee tables, shop counters and newsagents all over the world.

Kiteworld 2009 Travel GuideInside there's a surfboard buyer's guide. Surfing dates back to 1500BC when the Polynesians used planks of wood to ride waves and now a surfer can take their dream board design in their pocket on a USB stick to a shaper. Surfboard evolution has come a long way. We take a look at the history of surfboard design over the centuries, talk for three kitesurfboard shapers who tell us what it all means to us as kiters and feature a glimpse at the new season's kite-surfboards on offer.
The Liquid Force Havoc 12m, Best Waroo 9m, Royal Era 10m, North Vegas 9m, Eclipse Thruster 12m and Naish Helix 10m kites get the rough handling while the Ocean Rodeo Mako 150, Aboards X-Series 134, Nobile Shinn 134, Brunotti Youri Pro 132 and Airush FS 132 twin-tips take us for a ride.
Can you imagine covering 400+ kilometres in 24 hours on a kite in a seat harness? Eric Grammond bears all as he recounts his epic downwinder in Brazil last October.
Mark Shinn explains why manufacturers' costs have gone up recently and questions the mentality of C kite riders ? sure to spark some debate.
The Motor Drive Project focuses on grabs, pulling in at the hooked-in technique stations of the back loop tail grab transition and the roast beef before releasing its main carriage to uncover the secrets to the unhooked nose grab.
Alex Caizergues (current world speed record holder) gives you the confidence to kite at 50 knots in These Things I Know.
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