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Cabarete was the original kite destination and the scene of much of the rapid progression that riders who hunted out prime conditions at the turn of the millennium experienced. A once destitute community now has hope and a future with an economy given a hefty injection purely through kite tourism. A breeding ground for young riding talent, there's a tangible hunger and drive to take down the more privileged PKRA tour elite among the local groms. The Cabarete tour stop is unlike any other and is never a favourite of the tour's competitors.
'When any local rider lands any trick the whole beach erupts into wild and delirious rounds of applause and cheers. When the tour riders land the most laid out and powered trick, you can hear the crickets in the grasses. It's an intense place to compete.' Shanti Berg, Tronolone Productions and PKRA tour videographer
In more recent times, Brazil has emerged as the ultimate must-ride venue with the popular opinion among those who've been there being that you'll find the most varied and open expanses of riding to suit any taste and style on the planet. In issue #29 we compare and contrast the history and make-up of two of kiteboarding's most talked about and evocative destinations and look to their future.
Ben Wilson is one of the world's most highly publicised riders and this month releases his first solo video project, The Unknown Road. We talk to the big Australian who's lived on a steady diet of solid ground swell and heavy bottom turns since he was a nipper and discover why it is that his shots continually lie on the top of the filth-pile of magazine photo editors in every country.
Rounding out our theme of original influences, Eric and Sarah McNair-Landry bring more than just a little bravery to the mix with their story of adventure when they crossed the 2300 kilometres south to north of the Greenland ice-cap. These two are full of it: grit, determination and a pure passion for snowkiting, that is.
We also have our annual gear guide for next year in issue #29 and considering some of the innovations we've seen already, who knows where we'll be within the year! Also barging their way within the bindings of the next issue are a skimboard review, as well as our riding notes on JN's new Wild Thing, the Naish Helix, North Rebel, F-One Bandit, Liquid Force Havoc and Starkite's S-Bow.
As the board-off made a return to favour in Cabarete at the PKRA, our intrepid assistant editor gathered the evidence and brings you the DR's boys of board-off in Motor Drive, John Amundson takes on a floater in Turn and Face and we teach you to learn to love the chop and use it to your advantage in our feature for early intermediate riders.
And of course, lots, lots more...including the latest stomp from Aaron Hadlow!
For the richest, juiciest and most nourishing kiteboarding magazine flavour, check issue #29

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