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Xenon Rayo (2011)

The Rayo 2011 is an all-round twin-tip with great freestyle potential that will propel you to the next level. Offering all the features you'll need, it provides a great upwind ability and mellow ride in most water and wind conditions, thanks to a balanced combination of variable flex, generous rocker-line and fuller outline. Compared to the 2010 model, this year's Rayo is a bit stiffer and more aggressive with an extra wide stance option on the 134 and 138 for new school freestyle. Each board comes with completely new, moulded EVA pads with bi-directional pattern. Designed for novice to advanced riders.
We've been impressed with Xenon's boards since first trying them last year. They have their own feel and look. This Rayo looks very friendly, doesn't it? Almost like it wants to give you a big hug. Well, it's certainly a very cosy, comfortable ride, but not lazy in any way. The soft, shiny foot pads and straps are comfortable, grippy and easy to get tight, like a pair of Velcro trainers. The outline has freestyle attitude, being nice and wide in the tips and wouldn't look strange with a set of bindings on it. But equally it's not exclusively a dark arts board.
The Rayo carries good speed and is immediately reactive giving you a good connection and feels full of energy. All the Xenon boards we've tried are good in chop, but mix in some lovely freestyle performance as well. Soft in the nose and tail, the board is quite broad and stiffer in the middle, riding like you're on a big bubble, softening everything out. The Rayo puts you in your happy place straight away and has a lovely involving feel off your back foot with a mid-range, but comfortable flex.
On the softer side of stiff, this is a real all-rounder. Everything about the Rayo is above average and we highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy-to-ride, fast, comfortable twin-tip with a nice mix of freeride carving, boosting and for progressing into some new school freestyle.


Real all-round performance.


Some of the fixtures and fittings aren't top of the range, but that doesn't affect your riding pleasure.


145 x 44, 138 x 42, 134 x 41 and 130 x 40cm


This test is inissue #52

Xenon Rayo
Xenon Rayo
Xenon Rayo

Added: 2011-07-25

Category: Gear

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