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Xenon Rayo 134 (2010)

The Rayo 2010 is a high-end all-round twin-tip board with enormous freestyle potential that is dedicated for comfort lovers. Designed with a moderate flex and high rocker line, its large surface area offers great upwind ability and a mellow ride in most water and wind conditions. The Rayo's predictability as well as its effortless pop allow riders to accelerate along the progression path with rapid speed. Constructed with a full wood core laminated with biaxfibreglass and equipped with fully adjustable and easy to mount foot straps with nylon cambers coming as standard. Ultra light EVA memory pads, an ergonomic grab handle and G10 fins cap off a perfectly designed board for novices right through to advanced riders with an all-round riding style.
This was our first experience of a board from the Polish outfit, Xenon. The Rayo is obviously bright and going to be hard to lose in the water. Certainly striking there is something a bit retro about the board. It's very, very shiny and there's no trendy 3D shape in the top deck, but it is very light and clean looking with a good standard outline; nothing really out of the ordinary. The foot straps and pads are comfortable; not too soft and not too hard, but edging towards the harder end of the foot strap spectrum and offering plenty of support. When we picked it up on the beach, stood it up and did the old bend-it-in-the-middle-with-the-knee-test we found it was incredibly flexible. Turning it over there's not a lot of concave - barely any at all in fact - but on the water it's user-friendly and isn't held back and slowed up with all the flex. As you'd expect though it's not super hard and fast but does actually provide a firm ride, which may sound like a contradiction after talking about all that flex. We're talking about the ride ? you don't bog in a straight line and actually get good feel and contact with the water. There's no juddering, it's comfortable and you can feel what's going on under foot and like you're making good contact with the water. Where the flex negatively affects it is in its reaction when trying to make it do something more high performance. Of course it will pop and it lands easily and softly, but this isn't really for riders looking to perform loads of powered moves. Instead this is soft and easy to get on with and to perform all the basic twin-tip moves. Going from one edge to another is very easy as it's not overly finned, it has quite thick rails so can handle a carve and also switches from heel-to-toe nicely. Basic edging manoeuvres for pop or boosting are simple and there's plenty of upwind ability, although you couldn't say it steams upwind like stiffer, flatter boards would, but unlike them, this won't throw you off.
This is your standard freeride twin-tip. There's nothing complicated in its performance and what you see is what you get. It does everything a freeride board should do. Any twin-tip rider could get on this and feel at home straight away. It's a bit like driving home; you've done the route hundreds of times and can do it with your eyes shut.
KW LIKED: Ease-of-use.
KW WOULD CHANGE: Give it a bit more stiffness for heavier riders who will find it a bit too soft.
SIZES: 145 x 44, 138 x 42, 134 x 41 and 130 x 40cm

This test is inissue #46

Added: 2010-07-14

Category: Gear

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