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Xenon LaLuz 135 (2012)

Xenon's signature high-performance freestyle board has been designed for intermediate to pro riders with a modern style, so appeals to a diverse and demanding group. The LaLuz combines a deep single concave, continuous rocker line, wide tip and tail and balanced flex in a very dynamic package. The 2012 model has additional carbon-kevlar stringers, making it more aggressive with no loss of comfort and ease of riding. Increasing the comfort and durability Xenon redesigned the straps, putting a double neoprene coat on the inside and have further simplified the mounting system. Additionally, new EVA moulded pads have more grip and control. There's also a new size in the range at 138 x 42 for bigger riders. Lighter riders who prefer longer boards will enjoy 135 more now as it's been given a centimetre more width.
Xenon are producing some fine looking boards, the LaLuz being another eye catcher in a youthful, bling sort of a way, but it is smart in anyone's book. Clean with fairly parallel rails, there are certainly no bulging hips on this model. One of the most surprising elements when you pick the LaLuz up is how light it is. It's doesn't feel like the strongest board out there, but it's not in danger of breaking any timesoon either and Xenon seem to have found a good balance between robust strength and weight. Foot pads are very thick with plenty of ridges for grip and cradle your foot in there between high ends at the front and back. The foot pads are easy to mount, soft and comfortable, but we felt could have gone a bit tighter for people with smaller than average feet. Chunky ABS rails reduce to thin, flexible tips while the centre of the board is fairly stiff.
On the water the LaLuz is pretty easy to get on with straight away, carries good speed, grips really nicely and flies upwind with those parallel rails. Being light, the Laluz is very easy to manoeuvre around waves and chop and the flexible tips make it all very comfortable. Much more 'kiteboard' than 'wakeboard' it feels nice and quick, likes engaging a rail and doesn't slide around like a tea tray but is easy to switch. The rocker is flatter than we expected but as the ride is comfortable and absorbs any shock beautifully, it does work away from the flats. The flexible tips have plenty of forgiveness, stomp your landings very well and give a great reaction when you push down to pop without soaking up too much of your speed.
Smooth through the corners the LaLuz is also loads of fun to load and pop. It's one of those twin-tips that's a bit like a pair of Adidas. Most people look good in them, there's plenty of bling and they just do the job for intermediate riders and above.
Fun, balanced personality that's as at home doing freestyle as it is mincing around in the waves.


Although obviously strong and light, it does feel to be a bit more plasticky than some.

138 x 42, 135 x 41, 132 x 40 and 129 x 39cm

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Xenon LaLuz
Xenon LaLuz
Xenon LaLuz
Xenon LaLuz

Added: 2012-06-20

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