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Xenon Infra (2013)

Infra has been designed as the most challenging high-end freestyle board in Xenon's twin-tip range and is the choice of strong-minded wakestyle fans. This machine works wonders in flat water, planing right away and maintaining a great top speed. But most of all, the Infra has huge pop. Isn't that what you just can't get enough of? Even though the basic assumptions of Infra stay the same, the 2013 model is a completely new board. The new shape is much more aggressive and dynamic, it digs really deep into the water so that you can load it even harder. This is achieved due to the sharper edge and the new profile area in the tips, which in turn, together with a slightly increased rocker make a perfect combo. Despite the fact that comfort has never been the top priority on Infra, you will be really by surprised by the level it provides, too.

We had the Infra out here in Cape Town last year and really enjoyed it in all round conditions, so were looking forward to getting on the new model. At first glance, not much has changed, the build quality and feel are the same and the super sleek black and white look has been cleaned up further still and there really is nothing out there that looks quite like it, appealing to rad young riders and shouldn't scare the older crowd off, either. The first thing of note - and last year's Infra was very similar - is how thin the rails are. They are like hot knives through butter and really do cut into the water. The Infra retains a stiffness in the middle and those big, wide, square tips have a decent amount of flex for what is meant as an out and out wakestyle/ freestyle machine.

The straps are new, all nice and glossy, fit nice and easily to the board and now fasten tighter than before. The pads are big and soft and comfortable, but we felt would benefit from a bit more of a contoured shape for extra grip. But we never came out of them, they are comfortable and do the job.
Perhaps Xenon don't want to put core wake-stylers off by claiming this board as a comfortable all-rounder, but in truth, it is. The first thing that's clear is just how good this board is on the sea in less than perfect conditions. Those big flexible tips aren't as cumbersome as they look and we had a lot of fun doing whatever we liked in and around the chop and waves of Cape Town. The Infra is still of course very freestyle focussed, but we were very surprised by how good it was at coping in the sea. Many out and out freestyle boards are so flat and stiff that they require a lot of technique to get them to work acceptably in chop, but that's not the case with the Infra.
When you do get a flat section there is loads of stiffness in the Infra and plenty of pop. Biting nicely it's really easy to progressively load the Infra up for powered take-offs and its flexibility means that it's not just limited to high performance in flat water. Plus, it's not a knee killer either, but there are stiffer and faster boards out there for big, powerful super aggressive riders.

Shifting from heel to toe-side is easy and doesn't require a huge amount of technique and the landings are also assured. The bottom of the board is relatively flat in terms of concave and channels and perhaps a bit more shape would have made it a bit more directionally focussed, but the slight looseness and comfort in this board are big selling points, make it a lot of fun and relevant for a lot of people.

What we haven't mentioned yet is the weight. This board is light and as such as an absolute joy for doing massive airs with. As you can load it so well and it cuts through chop so nicely, and is then so light on your feet in the air, it's an invigorating ride for all sorts of styles. Tweak it way out there and then easily bring it back underneath you without paying for it through your stomach muscles in the morning.

Photo of Xenon Infra (2013)  Photo of Xenon Infra (2013)  Photo of Xenon Infra (2013)  Photo of Xenon Infra (2013) 

You could read the hype for this board and, if you're not a wake-style villain, be put off it, which would be a shame. The Infra is suited to much more than just flat water, although it clearly has plenty of the dark magic that wake-stylers look for, but comes in a more all-round package than it might lead you to believe.

Great pop, good speed and light weight.
Some deeper contours in the pads would be nice for when riding really aggressively.
SIZES: 139 x 41, 136 x 41 and 133 x 40cm

Build quality: 7.5
Fixtures and fittings: 7
Speed: 7.5
Pop: 8
Upwind: 7.5
Slider proof: 4
Freeriding: 7.5
Freestyle: 7.5
Ease-of-use: 8

Added: 2013-05-31

Category: Gear

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