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Xelerator X-Style 141 (2005)

A nicely domed deck for grip and tucked rails mean this would be a good choice for a rider looking for an all-round twin-tip with good carving abilities in the waves. Quality build, although it isn't suitable for anyone under 70 kilos in this size, for early intermediates, this board is right up there.

The asymmetric outline and symmetrical tips on the X-style mean the toe-side is more curved for turning and carving and the heelside is less curved, for edging. There is more rocker in the tips to avoid nose diving and there's a single concave throughout for improved traction and earlier planing. The X-style is an all-round twin-tip for any conditions. All boards are custom built but have a production look, enabling Xelerator to incorporate the best aspects from production and the custom methods of construction. The boards are not moulded and specs can be varied instantly. They come as standard with a duragrind shark-skin bottom and a PVC top-skin. Standard lengths are 128x39 or 138x40cm, but any size can be made to order. (The board we tested was 141 x 42 with 4 x 5cm fins.)

GEORGE: One of the best finishes I've seen. Board-wise it's amazing - bit of concave in there, shark-skin bottom, taped all the way round the sides - but not grip tape, it's much better than that.
NEAL: I think it's the biggest board in the test, and it felt it. It was a bit more difficult to get it off the water, but if you want a board that gets going in very little wind that's super-smooth and comfortable to ride, then this is great. We rode it with powered-up 9's and I even rode it with a 20 and it was manageable with both. It bit and it flexed nicely if you needed it to. I really liked it.
MAGGIE: I did find it big, but I'm only small. It would be a great board for someone a bit heavier that goes out only every few weekends. They won't feel like they've forgotten everything they learnt last time.
NEAL: It's a board that allows you to concentrate on the kite which is really important for early intermediates. This has got a great auto-pilot.
NEAL: It's definitely a cruiser.



This test is in issue #16


Added: 2007-03-23

Category: Gear

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