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Xelerator Wave 128 (2005)

Designed in Cape Town's ballistic winds and big wave conditions, this twin-tip is at home when it starts to get crazy. Everything from the construction to the way it carves is top notch. If you're not afraid of heading out in ballistic conditions, this is a wicked board.
Designed and tested in Cape Town, this is a wave-specific twin-tip. The Xelerator Wave has been designed to handle the most extreme wave riding conditions. The sublime carving characteristics come from the rounded outline and constant rocker, allowing it to handle chop easily, too. Shaper Ralph Hertweck has designed this range of boards with a thin rail shape to hold loads of power for loading and boosting like the conventional twin-tip. Built for comfort, the multiple layer air-cushioned footpads and wide body foot straps make riding a pleasure. There are options in the range too, so you can tailor the board to your exact requirements. The four boards in the range are also available in 33mm thickness for additional buoyancy. There are two different rocker line options as well as flip tips, grab channels, and a textured deck for additional grip.
DAN: I've spent a lot of time in Cape Town. You can tell this board was born there, in heavy conditions. I like it.
NEAL: I think the fittings let it down a bit, but having said that it was one of the best twin-tips I've ridden in the waves. It wasn't the fastest in a straight line but it would let you turn, adjust your turn and hit lips properly. It was definitely reliable for that.
DAN: Again, it's another strong board and it's got that sharkskin stuff on the bottom. Doesn't add any weight though, it's a light board.
NEAL: I would say that the foot-strap positioning is too close together. Look at the moves we are doing outside the waves, you need your feet further apart for control. Look at a surfer; they don't have their feet close together. If they were just two more inches apart that would have rounded the board off and it would be stunning.
DAN: I know what you mean. It's easier to land things and you feel more stable. On the wave I thought it was fine, though.
NEAL: Yeah, off the wave it felt like an original twin tip because you had so much either side of your feet. On the wave I didn't feel like I could really crank it because I am used to quite a wide stance. At the risk of sounding like I'm contradicting myself, in spite of the straps, it was the most pleasurable board to bottom turn.
DAN: It's a wave riding rail because that's what Ralph's into. He's not going to make a straight-line machine. He's not into that.
148 x 38cm
138 x 38cm
128 x 37cm
118 x 37cm

This test is in issue #13

Xelator 128
Xelator 128

Added: 2007-03-08

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