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Xelerator Surf Style 124 (2004)

The Xelerator Surf Style 124 is great wave focus means you can't load up as much power as some other boards when it's windy, but there's always a compromise if a board is going to be this good in waves.
The Surf Style range is designed to combine the ease of a twin-tip with the wave-riding ability of a directional board. As well as the asymmetric rocker the soft, tucked rails through the mid-section of the board mean the rider can make outstanding turns on a wave - its spiritual home. Xelerator creator, Ralph Hertweck, wanted to combine cutting-edge performance with new levels of ease and control, to make a board very versatile that can be used as a light-wind cruiser or an extreme wave-riding machine. Ralph is the designer and founder of the IEST - Integrated Epoxy Sandwich Technology, which is used in all Xelerator boards. By utilising his knowledge and experience from working at Mercedes Benz and Porsche in Germany on the aeronautics and high-tech body construction side of things, Ralph believes he's developed a product that's very robust and yet incredibly lightweight.
STAV: Well, first up I should mention that this is actually my board, I don't want to mislead anyone reading this. I've chosen to ride it this year because I think it rides off the nose very well for my size. It's got quite a lot of fin area, but coming from windsurfing I like that added grip for carving on a wave.
DAN: It's the same category as the North M2 and the Cyclone, but it's chunkier in the tail. That may mean that you get over-powered quicker, but along with the extra width it gets going sooner. It's bright yellow, which is interesting, and also I'm pretty interested in that shark-skin stuff on the bottom.
STAV: It's an imitation shark skin bottom which is designed to create a faster water release and it's pretty hard wearing too, so if you're into riding close to the shore or at slider parks then you should be thinking about these kind of constructions.
DAN: Why don't they make it out of Barracuda skin then, that's got to be quicker?
STAV: How can we describe it?
DAN: Was it an X-Wing that Luke and Han Solo used to get onto the Death Star? Those are really manoeuvrable! They're quick as well and so is this board. I really liked it - it's got soft landings, is quick through the chop too, but when I got over-powered I noticed the fin area in the back foot. I'd like to play around with the fins a bit more. Also, the handle needs to be bigger and the foot pads are a bit uncomfortable - I know these are only small things but...
STAV: Did you feel like you were on a hydro-foil when you were coming in?
DAN: No, I just got pulled off my edge a few times. But you can play around on it, and it's really nice in the waves.

This test is in issue #10


Added: 2007-03-28

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