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Xelerator Kick 134 (2011)

The Kick freestyle boards represent the pinnacle of product evolution for Xelerator. Designed for pushing freestyle kiteboarding to the next level, the Kick is the board for demanding riders who are looking for a pure freestyle board that will perform in all conditions. Featuring the most aggressive and uncompromising flex pattern, the Kick will literally pop you to the next level of your riding. The 3D TPFC flex concept provides the Kick with a very stiff base to match the wider stance and guarantees pop on demand. The flex tips provide control, even during the most abusive landings, and the board is bulletproof, made with the finest materials, including a Paulownia wood core, shaped ABS rails, stainless steel inserts, high-gloss TPU top sheet and a matt TPU slider base.


Although the white, pinks and light blues might not be to everyone's taste, in the flesh the Kick is extremely striking and beautifully finished. Based in Cape Town, Xelerator have no option but to build boards that will stand up to the testing conditions they are faced with out there, and they do. The finish is nice and glossy on top, everything is very neatly measured, cut and rounded and the bottom is good looking and robust.
The 134 has quite a parallel outline which has been tried and tested as a popular twin-tip shape over time and we know it works well. The outline works its way in towards the tips which aren't as square as some of the more wake-style oriented freestyle twin-tips on the market. We would almost say that this is more of a freeride shape, but then you get on it and you realise it's actually all about performance. The slightly pulled in tips help it negotiate chop and handle imperfections, taking very little away from the board's overall pop and freestyle performance.
If you've ever ridden in Cape Town, you'll know that riding around on a really square board in those less-than-buttery conditions, is really hard work. Hence the shape we have here. You can feel a connection with this board as soon as you get on it. There's a slight concave in the bottom for grip and feel, and the Kick is fast and direct, but still easy to break out and play around with. Definitely at the stiffer end of the twin-tip spectrum, the pop you can get on this board is incredible. It's a real trampoline deck and yet retains some comfort through the deck. It's not too aggressive through the tail on your back leg and the balance of flex works well, allowing the energy to travel through the board, rather than being so stiff that it just spills out.
The Kick does lean much more naturally towards highperformance freestyle tendencies. Stiff, solid and quick, it's not as uncompromising as many though and does everything to a good standard.


Springboard-like pop.
The pads and straps. Of course these are personal preference and Xelerator obviously like them because they are not the cheapest looking option we've seen. A very simple thing to change though, we just think adding some softer ones would be of benefit to what is a well thought-out and beautifully crafted product.
SIZES: 138 x 41, 136 x 41 and 134 x 40cm



This test is inissue #51

xelerator kick
xelerator kick
xelerator kick
xelerator kick
xelerator kick

Added: 2011-04-28

Category: Gear

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