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Xelerator Epic 5' 8" (2007)

The 2007 Epic is a dedicated wave rider's dream with the single focus of gouging monster turns. The 5'8" is a surfing-style board for light to medium wind conditions with a relatively small kite, using the wave's drive. The 5'3" is made for powered-up, unhooked wave- iding styles for medium to higher wind conditions. The boards have a classic surfboard outline and tucked surf rails that allow a positive driving bottom turn. A hard edge at the end of the board maintains speed and bite when coming off-the-top. The three-stage rocker with the single concave enhances the directional stability of the board and increases the turning capacity. The boards have an XPS (extruded polystyrene) foam core: a high-density closed-cell core that is stronger and provides a better flex then conventional foam blanks and doesn't absorb water when the board gets a ding. The boards are laminated with an ultra-clear UV stable epoxy resin and the heel areas are reinforced with multi-directional fibre to prevent denting. There are also Epic Pro Models that are copies of Peter Petersen's favourite boards and shaped by Dean Geraghty who has 20 years experience in shaping surfboards. All boards are equipped with the revolutionary four-way fin- ystem that allows you to adjust your fins forward/backward, toe-in/toe-out and angularly (splay).
GEORGE: I love the look of it - like a real surfboard. Nice and simple. Looks delicate, but it's not. It's got a waxy finish and grip. Well thought-out fixtures and fittings. Definitely made by a kiteboard manufacturer; everything's tough.
CHRIS: Nice non-slip in between the comfortable, thick pads. It's very tear drop in shape with a wide, wide-point. Lots of rocker and looks the business.
GEORGE: It has a lot of the liveliness of a smaller board but has so much more drive through the turns. It really seems to pivot around its mid-section. More pivotal in turn rather than the long drawn-out turns of a more gunny, straight shape, which works well in onshore conditions that are common in most places.
CHRIS: 5'8" is getting up there in terms of size but it never feels too big. Really comfortable kiting out the back in chop and flies upwind.
GEORGE: Not bouncy at all and big enough to make gybing simple. I would recommend this to a first-time surfboard buyer because of its stability and ease of use for gybing and general riding. Once you've nailed gybing, everything becomes so much easier; the door opens. I think people will be more confident going for one of these because the straps and pads feel like what they've been riding so far.
CHRIS: Yeah, they'd have to set everything up to the front settings. We had everything too far back to start with and it really sinks the back end. On a board this big, trim is very important so move everything forward to keep the board flat in the water and easier to ride.
GEORGE: Really smooth on the wave. Solid, stable and holds its speed.
CHRIS: And still snappy at the top, too. Would be good strapless because it's stable.
GEORGE: Just a joy to ride. Uncomplicated learning in a wide-range of conditions but performs with the best of them as well.
A good all- round shape from Xelerator. At home in light-winds for learning the basics as well as on bigger waves in stronger winds. Solid construction, stable underfoot and nice and quick. Good genuine surfboard characteristics.
5' 3" x 15.75",
5' 8' x 17.71"
5 '0" x 15.35"
5' 4" x 16.14"
6' 0" x 17.32"

This test is inissue #28

Xelerator Epic 5 8
Xelerator Epic 5 8
Xelerator Epic 5 8

Added: 2007-12-17

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