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Wipika Indy 13.5m (2006)

An absolute weapon. We have to admit that we didn't try this in as much wind as some of the others as we didn't have it as long, but one thing's for sure...it's got power. It's quite smooth though. Loops and turns well with very good pop for advanced riders, but just be sure to choose smaller sizes than you might think. Would suit bigger riders more.
The Indy 06 is Wipika's new generation Shift kite with incredible depower and smooth handling developed for the advanced rider. The Shift system allows the rider to set the kite to their requirements, whether it be for insane depower or big air and hang time. The kite's fast and precise with amazing handling and in-flight trimming with the new CLS adjuster, which Wipika believe is ideal for first-time kite loops!
NEAL: Bar-wise there's a lot of Velcro, but it's better than I've seen before. It does the job nice and simply, though.
GEORGE: The kite looks well made and good in the air.
NEAL: Yeah, really nice-looking shape, which it maintains well. Looks quite high aspect, fairly pimp, and very stable. Flying wise...oh my God, the acceleration with power was insane. But it had nice turning characteristics which makes it all controllable. My real concern would be another five knots of wind and I would have had nowhere to go on the bar! I may
have been able to depower it a touch more on the kite, but only one knot more, and it was grunty as hell.
WILL: It really is a light wind monster. To be on as small a kite as a 13.5 in that wind - what was it ten knots at times?
NEAL: Yeah when it was really light I went on the big boards, but that's mental in ten knots. Really impressive and definitely your light wind quiver kite.
GEORGE: Yeah you'd have to go small with your size choices in your quiver with this.
NEAL: But it kite loops and it turns really well. Nice solid power, you can see why the pros choose it.
WILL: The power delivery is lovely...there is just so much of it! You don't have that high aspect problem of having to sheet out when it gets underpowered. It just deals with it.
NEAL: Should have tried to tune it forwards even further to see if it had more depower, but flippin' heck that kite's got some power.
6, 8.5, 11, 13.5, 16.5 and 19.5 m

This test is in issue #21


Added: 2008-08-01

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