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Wainman Rabbit Smoke 9m (2009)

The quiver of Rabbit kites is just like the crazy gang from the neighborhood. Whatever happens, there is fun to be had and life is never boring. Designed as all-round wake-style kites, that were designed to be simple, efficient and perform great in a wide variety of conditions. Go fast, jump high and be totally confident in all conditions. With huge range and direct pull, these are the ultimate inflatable kites to make every single session epic. No matter if you are still learning how to stay upwind or already throwing the sickest tricks, you're always in charge with the Rabbit series.
Once you're accepted into the Rabbit gang, the good life begins and membership is addictive.

There are a few things that hit you when you pull this kite out of the bag. The first is the lack of struts ? there are only three. Then as you inflate it this huge old school leading edge starts filling up and you start wondering if you're in a time warp. Once it's inflated you've got this short, squat, super-low profile bulldog-like contraption in your hands and you wonder how it's going to compete with the ultra-refined kites of this year. You soon realise that this kite doesn't compete with other kites. It sits in its own loony class.

There are three setting options on the back line pigtails as well as the option to actually move the front contact point of the bridle on the leading edge, but there's really no excess fluff or complications on the kite or the bar ? lots of options without being cluttered and all presented in a clear, fun and user-friendly way. Some of the test team were disappointed there was no one pump, but the construction was good, the bar was smooth and the chicken-loop release worked very simply. At the bottom of the two front lines where the min-fifth comes through you can get hold of the front lines and self-land the kite really easily, which is a good, useful feature as well as the oh shit handles on the side.

The Wainman resembles a Delta shape, but doesn't have the harsh on and off power. It's one of the most stable kites we've tested, and we've tested some! Loads of depower, but not 100% and it doesn't fall out of the sky when you let the bar go. There's just enough power left to keep the kite up there, waiting for you. The range is good, there's stack of low end grunt giving you that spike of power to get up and going early while the depower at the top end manages the gusts and squalls without flinching.

On first launch the power through the bar felt manly and there was a little trepidation on the first kite loops. The power delivery at the bar is involving and might be a bit too much to handle for an intermediate rider used to an easy going power-assisted kites. But for someone who likes an involving kite, when you first get on it it's like starting up a decent motorbike and thinking, 'Ooh, that sounds good.' The solid power feels exciting. It gives you something to work with and flies quickly and positively around the sky, bobbing and weaving like a middle-weight boxer with good power-to-weight ratio. You don't just hang off it like a true low aspect kite that sits in the middle of the window, pulling your arms off. Of course as it is such a low aspect shape it will drift back in the window and sit there while you throw a few tricks or follow it downwind on a wave, but unlike a lot of low aspect kites, when you threw it around it really did like turning, the upwind progress was good and relaunching was simple.

The boosting was perfectly acceptable without being the highest flyer but there did seem to be a bit of a mood to it. The first kite loop attempts were a bit non-committal as there was definitely an intimidating element at first, but as the session went on and the gusty 17 ? 25 knot wind undulated up and down the kite seemed to change its character. The turns were very pivotal and rather tame in the lighter winds, but as the wind picked up the kite loops increased their ferocity and took on much more of a C-kite style arc. There was more oomph, but refined and not quite the radical beast we'd first expected. It would cater for the competition rider as well as those looking to push their way into the kite loop club. Unhooking is lively and fun and the kite does everything asked of it with no back stalling or misbehaving.

Great fun and a real surprise in its handling compared with its looks. Given time with it being so stable and smooth you get really confident trying things underneath it. We loved the fact that it is unique, in feel and looks. It's good to step outside of the box. It's a real kite fliers kite and it won't let you fall asleep while you're riding it. Very exciting while having a gentle side for the less experienced.

The insanely involving nature of it.

The donkey dick location as it had a tendency to get in the way a little bit when hooking back in.

12, 9 and 6.5m
Wainman Rabbit Smoke 9m

This test is inissue #39

Wainman Rabbit Smoke 9m
Wainman Rabbit Smoke 9m
Wainman Rabbit Smoke 9m
Wainman Rabbit Smoke 9m

Added: 2009-05-06

Category: Gear

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