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Wainman Joke 134 (2011)

The Joke is a new addition to the 2011 Wainman Hawaii twin-tip line for the new school freerider. The Joke was designed to provide the rider with a blend of performance and ease-of-use no matter if they are hitting sliders, carving waves or charging in the flats. A unique 3D bottom shape provides stability and enables the rider to go big with amazingly comfortable and forgiving landings. The combination of performance characteristics that include superb upwind performance, massive pop, insane turns and stability, make the Joke a board for the serious contender. Additionally, the Joke can be used with wakeboard bindings or pads/straps.
First up, as we've come to expect with Wainman products, they like to be a little bit different. Look at it, while it looks insane, there's something very appealing about it. It's a bit like the circus entertainer, you can't take your eyes off it. The Joke is incredibly well constructed. Fairly light, but tough as old boots. It's built for real kitesurfing in real conditions. A lovely channel runs underneath, creating lovely grip and comfort and helps the board to lock in and grip on flatter landings, channelling the flow of water. There's a generous rocker too, making the board comfortable and adept in chop. In spite of the generous rocker, the Joke holds good speed easily. Point it towards a ramp, step on the gas, send the kite and you get a lovely ping off the top. The lightweight also makes it easy on the old stomach muscles and it touches down again beautifully. The pads and straps are soft and comfortable and round things off nicely. There's really nothing that you can't do on the Joke. The stiffness not only provides oodles of lovely, progressive pop, but it also gets you up and going nicely. There's loads of buoyancy in the board and intermediates as well as advanced riders will find the comfort and levels of reward in this board very high.
An all round goodie this one. Take it anywhere, carve it, pop it, hit a kicker or drop it from a height and it'll still come back for more. A fun ride filled with good energy.


The fact that it will have a go at tackling anything with a spirited fight.


Some of you may like a handle.
142 x 42.5, 138 x 41.5, 134 x 40.5 and 130 x 39.5cm



This test is inissue #52

Wainman Joke 134
Wainman Joke 134
Wainman Joke 134
Wainman Joke 134

Added: 2011-07-25

Category: Gear

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