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Wainman Blunt 135 (2009)

The first series of kiteboards in the Wainman board line are the Blunts. The Blunts are for everyone, including those that love to rip. It's all about the ride here with the aim for every rider to come back from each session stoked. They are ready to handle any condition and able to adjust to any mood a rider is in. If a true freerider wants to show up with one board, throw up a kite and enjoy the ride, the Blunt will always makes sure it happens for them.

The Blunts look good in an unusual way. As gear reviewers we get to see a lot of equipment and it's nice when something stands out. It's very fresh, although not quite as fresh as the herb Lou must have been smoking when he decided to stick a big Blunt on the front! Pads and straps don't let the board down either, are lovely and soft and really adjustable. The board even comes with a little drawstring bag that holds the fins, pads and straps and an excellent, heavy duty screwdriver with
interchangeable heads! This board is seriously light. Unbelievably so. We all love light boards. When was the last time you heard someone pick up a board and go, 'Brilliant, that's a nice heavy board.' There's a lot of rocker in it as well as in the tips too. The main thing you notice in the shape though is the big concave; it's very big running right the way along the middle. The board itself feels quite stiff in the hands, but first
impressions on the water were that it was soft. That concave really does provide a very smooth ride, but inevitably stops it being the fastest board on the water, but you sacrifice that for the enjoyment of the ride. The boards sits on top of the water and has ample amounts of grip. It does take a little while to get into though and requires a slightly different movement to get pop and release to what you might be used to, but you soon over come things like that. It's reasonably quick and flies upwind. Landing things backwards or to blind is quite straightforward on the Blunt as it tracks well, giving you a solid base. It was loose but felt grippy at the same time and definitely has its own feeling. That said, it's a very wellrounded character. Some boards are all edge, edge, edge. This isn't and has the much more all-round capabilities of a freeride board. If you like a rock solid stick that goes super fast with aggressive grip, then this isn't for you. It's not sluggish
or slow either though and certainly won't get left behind.
This immediately gives you a good feeling from the moment you pick it up. It's super light and not your average plastic wrapped board with ABS rails and all squeezed together. It's finished to a super high standard, with shark skin on the bottom, the big concave and the shiny deck. You can have a lot of fun with this. Within a few minutes you're dialled into it and doing whatever you like. Good take-offs, landings, carving, upwind ability and comfort make this an excellent all-round twin-tip for pretty much all levels. Even very early intermediates will
find its user-friendliness to their liking in a high-spec package.
KW LIKED: Excellent build quality, all round ride quality and the fact that it's got its own crazy style.
Top end riding speed, but that makes it sound slow, which it isn't.

135 x 43, 130 x 40.5, 125 x 39 and 120 x 37.5cm


This test is inissue #36

Added: 2009-05-07

Category: Gear

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