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Venezuela and Chile World Cup 2007/08

Tronolone Venezuela Kiteboarding World Cup 2008 and Chile Wave Championship 2007Buy NowTRONOLONE PRODUCTIONS PRESENT:
The Tronolone clan have released some of the TV shows that they put together for various networks around the world from the world tour. Featuring interviews with all the top riders in special interview/portrait sections as well as getting loads of reaction from the beach, the Venezuela section in this DVD doubles up as a tourist promo video on the area, looking at the culture and travelling highlights as well as featuring the best bits from the competition. Most of the action is expertly filmed from the water as the Tronolone's do best. So expect to be mesmerised by the latest freestyle tricks performed up-close and personal over, above and around the camera.
Also featuring in this DVD is an extended section from the Aaron and Ruben Show ? a DVD Hadlow and Lenten have started shooting with the Tronolones. The crazy duo get up to their usual tricks with mega loops and style to laid back beats and more super up-close camera work from the pairs' trips to Tenerife and Tarifa.
The final section on this DVD takes you behind-the-scenes at last year's epic wave and freestyle event at Matanzas. After some fairly easy-listening music so far in the DVD, we rock to the wave and freestyle action from the spot many competitors believe to be one of the best wave kiting beaches in the world. More in-depth reaction with everyone on the beach from Shinny, Vari, Jaime Herraiz, Sky Solbach and Felix Pivec from the wave side, and Aaron, Kevin, Alvaro Onieva, Bruna Kajiya and Karolina Winkowska on the freestyle side. The freestyle event was actually held in double overhead waves, so should give you some indication of what the action is like in this section. It's quite different and if you're into waves, you don't ever really get to see this many of the world's top riders vying for a very rare wave title at a spot with this amount of credibility and size.


Tronolone was featured in Issue #35.

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