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Martin has just released his set of custom wave sticks for 2010. Here's the pack breakdown: The 5'8'' quad is an ideal board for onshore sectiony waves, with its outline and four fin set up making the board very snappy and manoeuvrable. Speed is consistent even when the kite is not pulling you, which can be a momentum saviour if ever you find yourself temporarily with your lines slack and looking to regain power quickly without bombing. Performing best in small and medium waves with side-onshore winds this is a fast, fun board that promises to be just that.
SIZE: 5'8'' x 18 1/2'' x 2 1/8'

The 6'0'' is an all-rounder, performing in everything from onshore and blown out surf to the side-shore waves of Indonesia and side-off barrels in Tahiti. The narrow tail lets you dig the rail when getting pulled by the kite and the quad fins produce enough speed to come off your bottom turn and attack the lip, snap in the pocket or get through those big sections with precision and control.

SIZES: 6'0 x 18 1/16'' x 2 1/16'

The outline of the 6'1'' was shaped to work as a great light wind machine as well as being able to effortlessly rip in the waves. The thruster fin setup gives a 'surfy' feel right from the offset and the board can also be used as a proper surfboard. Performing best with a kite and you strapped to a nine metre with side / side-on conditions.

SIZES: 6'1'' x 18 1/16'' x 2 1/16''

Added: 2010-07-29

Category: Gear

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