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Underground SRF (2012)

Unleash your creativity and smack lips with new-school twin-tip style! Once in a while a true game-changer is born and Underground have morphed the best design features o fwakeboards, surfboards and twin-tips and come up with a radical new wave riding experience that will inspire young and old! Only computer-aided design could come up with the precise double-concave and slick 3D lines of this progressive performer. There's massive scope for versatility ? this hybrid can be free-ridden with comfy boot-style straps and smaller fins or with larger surf style fins for seriously aggressive wave slashing.You can also set it up as a mutant, optimised for your break or style. Whichever way you use it, the SRF unlocks the holy grail of kitesurfing: meaty wave aerials featuring twin-tip style tricks landing back in the wave!
The way we see it, you've got two options when designing a twin-tip for waves. You could either go for a board with pressed snowboard type construction, or a more voluminous epoxy construction with softer rails, more rocker and a different fin position. Underground have stuck with the snowboard pressed style, so you're actually buying a twin-tip that you can give a lot of abuse to. People dedicated to learning to ride waves properly will go for a proper surfboard, but these are fragile and harder to learn on. The SRF allows the average rider to go out and ride something they already feel familiar with in waves. You can ride the shoredump and lose the board over a wave and it's not going to get smashed to pieces. Even for a twin-tip the SRF is robust and feels heavy-duty.
The first thing that's obvious is the smoothness in the ride from that concave, super soft rails and pulled in tips. There's none of that twin-tip knife edge feel going on and there's plenty of grip. You can get a reasonably nice top turn out of it, head and shoulders above what you'd get on a regular twin-tip. (We only tried the twin-tip fins ? a change in set-up to more surf-style fins or a mutant configuration would see this get even better!) You need to make sure not to lose grip in the steeper sections of a wave, but the SRF doesn't trip out and skip around a bottom turn like a board with sharper, straighter rails like you normal twin-tip. There's a very healthy amount of rocker and a smooth rail profile that delivers a clean bottom turn. Lots of people might mock it because it's not cool to ride a twin-tip in waves, but this makes it so easy to get used to actually being out amongst waves and in strong winds and hectic sea states it gives you so much freedom to rip and is a lot of fun. You don't need to worry about burying the nose on a bottom turn as there's enough rocker to help with your carve with that upturned rail giving you a slight impression of what it feels like to make a proper turn on a proper rail, opposed to a twin-tip rail. This is no gimmick, it does work and you have some interesting fin options in configuration size and shape. Of course you can't rely on just the board to get you round a turn like you can on a surfboard, you need lots of kite power, but it's really well thought out, and makes riding in waves really comfortable. You can even go out and practice your handle-passes on it if you want ? you can't really say that about a surfboard!
Designed for fast freeriding in chop and waves, the SRF is a brilliant introduction to get you more comfortable riding around in waves without the often daunting task of learning to gybe in amongst all that moving water. On top of that you can still boost it, back loop it and practice all your tricks in total comfort.
Good balance between speed, soft carve turns and comfort, which is just about right.


It's well made and does what it says on the tin. We can't complain.

148 x 43 and 140 x 40cm

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in issue #57
Gin Uru
Gin Uru
Gin Uru
Gin Uru

Added: 2012-06-20

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