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Underground FLX 132 (2005)

One of the easiest boards to ride in challenging conditions. A super all-rounder for carving and jumping. The edge starts to want to release when you get really maxxed and it's not really a flat-water board or suited to aggressive manoeuvres as well as some other twin-tips, but you get on it and it makes you feel good.
Underground have a reputation for robust and rider-friendly boards, and the new FLX range is no different. Kiwi shaper Adrian Roper believes his new boards have a powerful outline that shout pop-on-demand combined with a revolutionary rail shape. The flex in the board will eat up choppy waters while delivering the ultimate in edge control. The skin is made of a durable PBT material, the rails are ABS, and the core is made of high density PVC ? a construction process we are led to believe is all about optimum flex and lasting durability.
NEAL: Conditions just don't get any harder than today, and it wasn't the smallest board we have here either. The only time I found the FLX tricky was if I got really, really maxed. The rail would go and it would start to slide. So smooth though, and possibly quite old fashioned in its style. Doesn't have the volume of an older twin-tip though. It was cruisy, even in those winds. Beautiful with a little kite lit with power.
DAN: I was so interested in that board as soon as I saw it. Don't know whether it was the graphics or what. It's that snowboard construction and can flex about six inches I reckon.
NEAL: A lot of companies have gone for that construction and Underground have a reputation for being bombproof. It was so comfortable going out to sea and just had a little bit of slide. You don't get a sharp rail because of the construction, which made it beautifully controllable in those conditions.
DAN: They've tucked the bottom of the rail under and left the top.
NEAL: Super smooth on a wave. You couldn't really bang off the rail because you'd slide, but it just felt really comfortable and I got the impression it would handle anything. It's a real all-rounder. Not the best at anything, but near the top in all categories.
DAN: Really light and beautiful riding position. Set up for chilling out though I think - bit of wave riding, bit of this, bit of that.
122 x 36cm
132 x 38cm
142 x 40cm

This test is in issue #13

Underground FLX
Underground FLX

Added: 2007-03-08

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