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Underground Flx 135 (2011)


Outstanding performance and value for money for the accomplished freerider. Still the benchmark in supreme edge control, the sizes have been simplified and the state-of-the-art flex-tuned lamination technology further refined. Smooth 3D design has created ever-thinner bat-wing tips that offer outstanding control in overpowered conditions. Virtually indestructible, there's a lot of fully-lit sessions packed into every FLX and your excitement will grow as the whitecaps increase. Hidden under new 2011 graphics is a powerful wood core, reinforced with carbon and finished with bi-ax glass laminate. Virtually weightless in the air, you're free to ride the way nature intended and to reach for your dreams with this impressive and versatile flex-bomb!


First thing you notice with the Underground boards for 2012 is the funky outline with the horn-like feature in the tips. Although immediately recognisable and unique, these don't contribute to the board's ride, although we're sure they'd like to take credit because the riding experience is quality. Very comfortable straight away, the FLX gets up to speed quickly and maintains it comfortably, which is so important in a good twin-tip. You never want to feel like you can't keep up with your kite or that you're out-running it. The automatic speed management on the twin-tip (ASM - copyright: Kiteworld test team!) is lovely ? it's one of those boards you just get on and ride and don't have to think about at all. There's good get up and go at the bottom end and plenty of flex to cope when you need the grip and control when it starts howling. The connection and feel is great, not in a small part down to the pads and straps. You may be looking at them and thinking they look pretty ordinary, but they are just very functional. Really comfortable you get good grip and they're not too soft and spongey, but firm and supportive and you don't get the feeling that you're about to fly out of them during a move.

We have the Underground Crypt review over the page and this FLX is just a bit softer than its carbon sibling. Not much softer, there's still bags of all-round performance, but it's just not quite so explosive in performance.


We've really enjoyed getting a brace of Underground boards for review this issue. It's been a while since we've ridden anything from the Kiwi outfit, but these aren't just another pair of pressed out twin-tips. They're unique and carefully thought out and produced with huge attention to detail. The FLX is tough as old boots but light and stacked with really easy-to-use performance for intermediate riders right up to advanced stylists. We could happily ride this all day long and both Underground boards fit bindings too if you're that way inclined.


Tough character traits in a very easy-to-use, fun shape.


We're still thinking...


138 x 43, 135 x 41 and 132 x 39cm


Added: 2011-11-16

Category: Gear

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