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Underground Crypt135 (2011)


The sum total of Underground's board building experience, aimed at all advanced riders. This ultra-high-end, electrifying ride combines the incredibly light, exaggerated 3D shape with a sleek 100% carbon weave exterior creating a muscular new breed that operates in an atmosphere all of its own. Hit the water with this superior performer and you'll experience massive acceleration and boosting capabilities - dynamic handling to go with its devilish good looks. Focused design and the finest engineering in the game have produced a ride of pure exotica, featuring silky smooth dynamic tip-flex that will unlock the desires of professional competitors and core riders alike.


As on the FLX the outline of the Crypt is the same with it's devilish horns on the end and pronounced channels on the bottom. The Crypt however is obviously the more luxury model, finished in sleek black carbon it looks the bomb. It gorgeous. As we said on the FLX, the pads and straps don't look the most soft and bling, but they are some of the best we've used. Foot strap systems are a lot down to personal preference and fit, but these fit beautifully to our feet, locked us in with no rubbing, are soft yet have a solid feel and the grip grooves in the pads are perfect for extra traction.

The pads may be understated, but there's nothing bland about the ride. Although it's billed as an advanced rider's board, the Crypt is easy to get on and feel right at home on. It's as at home charging upwind and learning to boost on as it is at being aggressively loaded and stomped. We rode in a lot of chop and unlike some out-and-out freestyle boards, this dealt with it beautifully. The Crypt has a lovely reactive feel to it, biting and digging in nice and cleanly and holds incredible speed with ease. It can handle a carve too; it's not the most slash-tastic twin-tip, but it can cope with most twin-tip situations. However, when it's time to pull out the big guns and go for your big moves, the Crypt has your back. Light in weight, the energetic feel and board speed are translated into a wonderful load and pop and those channels soak up and soften out the landings along with the good amount of flex in the tips.


The Crypt is definitely one to spoil yourself with. Lovely and energetic freestyle performance and plenty of real world chop eating qualities, this is one of the top all-round, high end boards we've had the pleasure of.


A perfectly tuned riding experience.


This board is hard to fault. Rich in features though it is, it may be a couple of quid too steep for some.


135 x 42 and 132 x 40cm


Added: 2011-11-16

Category: Gear

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