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By Tronolone Productions

At this point it is worth noting that my fellow reviewer declared that the Slingshot video had sicker riding than the previously reviewed Ten4. Or, I should correctly say, that he thought the section of the movie featuring Julien Sudrat riding a massive wave day in Cabo Verde (aptly set to music by Sublime), was one of the sickest things he had ever seen. It seems that Sudrat himself is taking a step away from the mainstream competition scene, and is intent on making his mark in the still fairly virginal arena of wave riding. And while I had been impressed with how up-to-date the riding was in Ten4 and enjoyed watching blow-by-blow renditions of Martin Vari's handle passes and all the other sick wake-inspired tricks, nobody with a pulse can deny the pure power and beauty that Sudrat's riding effects on these massive towering waves, further proof that kiting will continue to evolve in at least a dozen directions in the foreseeable future. The rest of the video is dedicated to the mostly US-based core group of Slingshot riders and includes in-the-air kite loops by Jeff Tobias, a 'living the fat life island hopping in a yacht' section, good unhooked action by the likes of Hamish McDonald and Spanish wunderkind Gianni Aragno, a bit of snow kiting, a decent amount of wave riding, and more than enough idiotic entertainment to put most of the Slingshot team in jail if this DVD falls in the hands of the authorities. The soundtrack is excellent ? a good mix of hardcore and mellow vibes, and the film itself is very enjoyable and easy to watch. I give the Slingshot Video an 8.5 too, with even more points subtracted for too much gratuitous idiocy! (I mean, which lunatic came up with the hair-burning game?)

The Slingshot Video was featured in Issue #09.

Added: 2008-09-23

Category: Gear

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