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The Kite Book

By Rosanne Cobb
Words - Jim Gaunt
One of the most frequent questions we get asked on the beach as kitesurfers must surely be, 'How does it work?' Most don't understand that we can actually go backwards and forwards across the wind, and seem genuinely impressed that we've managed to make it back to the beach at all. As it says on the front cover, this book contains within it, 'All the know-how you need to fly a kite'.
While it is definitely aimed more at the novice kiter there are some useful tips for kitesurfing, kite-landboarding and snowboarding within it too, and covers things like, getting going, stopping, turning and safety. Low on baffling information, the book focuses on passing on knowledge in a clear and concise manner with its emphasis on how you can have a go and what you should expect. On every page there are lots of nice big pictures and well-edited text.
Taking you from the basics of wind direction and how the wind works to choosing the right kite, The Kite Book covers everything from the controls on a single line decorative kite to setting up and manoeuvring large, powerful inflatable water kites.
Rosanne Cobb is a huge sports enthusiast, has written books on skiing and snowboarding in the past and has done a good job with this one to not exclude anyone with a well-thought out and logical path of explanation throughout. Endorsed by Flexifoil, if you're interested in kites but have zero knowledge, The Kite Book covers every aspect of flying kites, from beginner to advanced techniques, making this an invaluable reference guide.


The Kite Book was featured in Issue #26.

Added: 2008-09-18

Category: Gear

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