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Ten4's producer Elliot Leboe must be one twisted nut. The opening 60 seconds of Ten4 is so weird (and unconnected with kiting) that I wondered if I had been drinking too much cough medicine and grabbed a B-movie sci-fi flick instead. But once I'd got through somebody else's bad datura trip, full blown kite action kicks in with full effect as Leboe uses his privileged position as a fully paid up member of Maui's old school to unleash an unbelievable array of the world's best kiters on film over the next 77 minutes. The movie begins with some solid wave competition action from Waddell Creek and then moves onto the rail-filled madness of the Velocity Games before winding into some lusty travel images of the crystal clear Caribbean. From here it descends into a depraved US campervan trip, before arriving home to where the filmmaker's heart clearly lies, the mythic islands of Hawaii. Along the way Ten4 showcases a number of top riders, with Martin Vari and Andre Phillip busting out an arm-wrenching handle-pass clinic, and the incomparable Mauricio Abreu lighting up the wakeskate and unstrapped sections, along with a host of other international stars. Highlights for me would have to include a massive Chuck Patterson air and some outrageous short-line kite loops by Bertrand Fleury and Lou Wainman that are worth the price of the video alone. But in truth, there is so much state-of-the-art riding it's almost unfair to single any of it out. There is so much great riding in fact, that Leboe chose to leave a sick wave day at Lanes, Maui, basically intact and tack it on as a bonus along with Jimmy Lewis's calendar girl shoot. Now that's good thinking. Oh, the soundtrack is top notch and very hip as well. Elliot Leboe might be twisted, but I reckon we would get along fine, so next time he's near Cabarete, he should stop by the Kiteworld Tower for a beer and we will burn one. Ten4 is an 8.5, aliens and all, with points subtracted for too much gratuitous idiocy.
Ten4 was featured in Issue #09.

Added: 2008-09-23

Category: Gear

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