Home Gear Takoon Vegas 139 (2005)

Takoon Vegas 139 (2005)

A safe performer in this intermediate twin-tip category. Doesn't stand out in any area, but certainly doesn't disappoint either. Sharp rails help it crank upwind and some flex in the tips keeps it comfortable and there's plenty of pop, too.

The 139 is the biggest and most accessible of the four boards in the 2005 Vegas range. It has exceptional performance in lighter to moderate winds, and the whole range is directed towards all-round excellence in waves and freestyle. State-of-the-art construction techniques give maximum strength and performance. High pressure ABS sandwich is found in all boards and these new techniques have allowed the flex to be better controlled and the weight minimised. Something called NVS acts as a spatula, apparently massively reducing the risk of being thrown from the board if it gets submerged in choppy conditions or after landing a jump.

GEORGE: Another snowboard construction with nice flipped up tips. The fins are right on the ends and work well for a clean release.
NEAL: Not the most flexible but plenty of flex in the tips.
GEORGE: I liked it, it performed well in this mid-size group in the intermediate bracket. It was just there and didn't do anything spectacularly, but did everything well. It's a good thing for an intermediate to have a board that they don't really have to think about too much when riding it.
MAGGIE: Yeah, it was super-easy to get on and ride. Comfy pads and straps, too. It didn't feel too big and I got it to turn pretty well.
GEORGE: I'd consider owning one of the smaller ones. The rails are flat. There's an argument about whether a sharp pointy rail is better than a curved rail for holding an edge.
NEAL: A sharp rail is either all on or off. There's no in between. The more rounded you make a rail, the more comfortable it's going to be when it's going through stuff or carving. You could argue that having a sharper rail will make it a bit more sensitive and juddery when it gets pulled off its edge. But having said that, the really sharp rail makes it much easier to go upwind and get that edge locked in. It's not an argument about what's better - it's an argument about what's for you.
GEORGE: You could chuck this board around nicely. Good flex too. I know it's a really bad word, but everything about this board was, nice. There's a black carbon one too, which is very... nice.

139 x 39,
137 x 36.5
128 x 38
127 x 35.5cm


This test is in issue #16

Takoon Vegas
Takoon Vegas

Added: 2007-03-23

Category: Gear

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