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Takoon Enova 9m (2007)

The Nova concept focuses on safety and huge wind-range. Primarily the eNova is a simple kite that is easy to handle for all riders who want to ride without complication with performance equipment. The eNova has a simple five-strut construction and a smooth feeling in flight. While maintaining a great level of performance, the eNova is light, stable and easy to re-launch. Less aggressive but more stable, the eNova kite is ideal for wake-style, surfing, and free-riding. Safety and re-launch without swimming.

Out of the bag, you can tell that this is the scaled down version of its sibling, the Nova2. There's no one pump and what you get are the basics.
CHRIS: Yeah, but that doesn't mean bad things for when it's in the sky. This kite is aimed at the entry level market.
GEORGE: First thing you notice is just how bow in shape it is. The bar is good; no frills, but comfortable, tough and does the job nicely.
CHRIS: The 'Grenade' is interesting.
GEORGE: The chicken-loop line has a large plastic box with screws sticking out, called the 'Nova Tune system'. It acts as a stopper - move the plastic box to where you want your bar to stop and wind down the screws onto the chicken-loop line. It doesn't slide, but I have seen simpler systems. A nice touch for more advanced riders who want to ride more powered.
GEORGE: The main thing that stands out is the power band on the chicken loop. It's all or nothing. Advanced riders wouldn't like it but beginners will love the fact that you can ditch all the power just by pushing out slightly.
CHRIS: Yeah, advanced riders would like to have something more in the middle, but you could set it up so the power's more constant with that tuning system. It's very different to what you're used to but it would teach beginners to not sheet out too much once they're up on the board. The safety is impressive.
GEORGE: The best thing for me about this kite was the relaunch. Absolutely superb. With the kite downwind of you, just reverse the bar (you don't even need to touch a steering line) and the kite rolls straight onto its side and bobs along nicely round to the edge of the window. Perfect. For self-launching it gets better - just set the kite up as normal on the beach and walk out to the edge of the window with the lines slack. Then simply tension up the lines and the eNova rolls itself over into a C position and you just launch as normal. Loving that!
CHRIS: It would have been fun to learn on this. It's safe and jumps really well, too. It's got the paragliding thing going on!
GEORGE: It turned nicely, too.
CHRIS: I was surprised how good it was for wave riding. Because you can ditch the power so quickly with just a small movement on the bar, you never get hauled down-the-line, but also the kite doesn't just drop out of the sky. My main downside with the kite was that it felt a bit 'raw' through the bar, but I'm not a beginner and I'm used to dealing with power. For beginners it's a good quality for peace of mind, it's very stable and has a big wind-range, too. Heavier intermediates will benefit from the low end grunt but will still have the peace of mind of all the depower.
GEORGE: Intermediates would consider it for its lift and power - it's great for learning to jump and getting the buzz. Too sensitive on the power delivery for any advanced freestyle, though.

Very much aimed at the beginner end of the market, Takoon have really focussed on what's important for our newbies: depower! With a relaunch that good it would make your first days a doddle! A good introduction to the sport.

5, 7, 9 and 12m


Takoon Enova 9m
Takoon Enova 9m
Takoon Enova 9m
Takoon Enova 9m
Takoon Enova 9m
Takoon Enova 9m
Takoon Enova 9m

Added: 2007-12-17

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