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Takoon Burning 5' 1" (2007)

If you dream of a surfer's ride, Takoon offers you a new, truly surf-oriented board to fulfil that dream. Their aim was to create a board that allows easy riding in all conditions. The Burning provides excellent glide when ridden flat and its boxy rails give a soft feel through the turns while providing sufficient grip to hit them at full speed. Pulling long or fast re-entries are no problem and always done under full control. Good acceleration means it's no problem getting out the back, and pulling airs is simple when the time is right, thanks to ample volume.
Getting back upwind after a nice, long, down-the-line wave ride is easy and the board's compact shape and carefully calculated volume distribution allow easy and stable gybes. Light and easy to handle, the Burning 5.1 reacts really quickly to foot pressure, keeping you in complete control through all the moves. This fast board will bring you back to the line-up in a second and you'll be ripping in the typically imperfect European conditions it's designed to ride in.
GEORGE: It's got very tough construction, but it's not heavy and you only need a screwdriver to put it together - not an FCS key, which is handy. Very short at 5'1', narrow and thin, too.
CHRIS: There's not much rocker there either, it's fairly flat in the nose. This board is fast, very fast. It's like a twin-tip in that it's very fast, quick rail-to-rail in turns and is immediately easy to ride.
GEORGE: It has that electric feel. I know we use that word a lot for boards, but it is really lively. I'm surprised how easy it is to gybe being so small, and the grippy deck saves you a lot of the time if you put your foot in the wrong place. You're never going to slide off it and you get the extra millisecond to rescue things. It feels very stable because it is so fast. CHRIS: Rides really comfortably toe-side and goes upwind brilliantly so, even if you can't gybe, it can work for you. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone living near good side-shore waves or someone already into surfing. It feels more like a twin-tip, which is good because it feels familiar. You can hold lots of power and still get grip in your bottom turn, but there isn't the bottom turn drive you get from a longer shape. You get a much truer feeling on a longer board. The turn on this is very tight, but has less power and drive back up the wave. It's really good fun - much better than riding a twin-tip in the waves and not as technical as a longer board.
GEORGE: The back strap was too far back initially and it seemed to bog the tail when you tried to do anything with it. We moved it forward and it was better. It's a real little bullet, suited to the lighter chaps or the ladies.
CHRIS: In certain conditions that will work really, really well, such as on those really windy, wavey days when you don't want to be hampered by a big board, but at the same time want to have a bit of nose rocker and fin.
GEORGE: When it's really windy 6'0's are a handful. They bump around and on this you don't get the nose all caught up in the lines either. Much enjoyed as a highwind surfboard.

A little small for riding a lot without the kite's power but a highly recommended strong wind wave toy. Handles in a familiar way if you're coming off a twin-tip, and for boosting it's easily controllable, too. As it's so small it's going to take a little time to get the gybing dialled on it, but it's got very good grip and is remarkably stable.


This test is in issue #27

Takoon Burning 5' 1
Takoon Burning 5' 1
Takoon Burning 5' 1

Added: 2007-12-17

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