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Stoked PublicationsThe first comprehensive guide for kite and windsurfing in Europe is now out in English! The Kite and Windsurf Guide Europe spans 15 countries, more than 35,000 kilometres of coastline, and over 1,500 spots, including in-depth information about wind and waves, conditions on the water and the situation on land. There are 400 pages of breathtaking photos, detailed regional spot maps and travel information for all countries, as well as insights into the people, culture and the local kite and windsurfing scenes. What's more, a comprehensive introduction to Europe's meteorology and oceanography is included, explaining the most important weather patterns and wind systems relevant for kiters and windsurfers. This beast of a book is flying off the shelves! Be one of the first to be the proud owner of a copy.
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Added: 2007-05-08

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