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Spleene Voodoo 138 (2005)

If you can handle the flowers, this is a real gem. Flies upwind, carves beautifully with really good bevelled rails. Suited more to lighter riders/higher winds, this is a classic ride.

Spleen also make snowboards it's no surprise that all their kiteboards are constructed with the same snowboard technology; Herex-foam, ABS-rails and an extremely scratchproof polymere surface. They concentrate on making light boards with very thin tips, a progressive scoop, and flex that is adjusted to every single board. The Voodoo 138 is designed for the middle and upper wind range.

MAGGIE: This board absolutely flies upwind. I was trying to get back downwind and struggled!
NEAL: It did go upwind really well and I think it's one of the best boards I've ridden in this construction in this size. The bevelled rail is lovely all the way along and narrows to the tips nicely so it turns like a gem.
GEORGE: I'd say ride-wise it was pretty classic, you could push it, too.
NEAL: It's a little bit shorter and narrower than the other Spleene designed board (the Flysurfer) and was a real surprise to me. The construction, fins and bevelled rail are the same.
MAGGIE: I'm sure it's got more flex.
NEAL: I think it does which makes it a high wind/smaller person board. I think it's just smaller, thinner and not as wide which is why it flexes more. It felt quite small and it's just a good all-rounder. I did like the Flysurfer, and I'd put a heavier or more of a beginner intermediate rider on that, and someone more advanced or slightly lighter on this. I think it's more towards the advanced section, and as a result we all loved it. What's the ballistic outline symbol all about?
GEORGE: It means it's bomb proof.
NEAL: I think it's to do with the shape, you know, like a rocket ship? It's because it's hipped in here near the end. The straight rail doesn't last as long on this one as it does on the Flysurfer. It's more comfortable, possibly less directionally stable but is easier to turn. The thinner tips give more flex and more comfort under load.
GEORGE: I don't think that losing a bit of width and length make it any less early planing. I think they've shot themselves in the foot with the graphics though, it's a great board otherwise.
NEAL: Can you not deal with the flowers?
GEORGE: I could deal with more stylised flowers. These are a little pastel for me. Also it's got the toe thing going on in the pads. I'm not into that.
NEAL: George, those pads and straps are lovely. Are you sure you haven't just got weird feet?




This test is in issue #16

Spleene Voodoo
Spleene Voodoo

Added: 2007-03-23

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