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Spleene SP-X 10.5M (2011)

The all-new Spleene SP-X kite offers superb hangtime, wave and freeride riding abilities and is aimed to suit both new and old school riders alike. The perfect all-terrain kite is super easy to control and extended sessions are possible thanks to its light bar pressure. The kites heavy lift will take you to new heights ? literally ? allowing for a faster and easier water start than ever before and the opportunity to take on more extreme moves, safe in the knowledge that you're in good hands. Superior depower allows for an enormous wind-range and the ability to feel exactly where your kite is at all times. Constructed using only the finest of materials, with Kevlar reinforcements at all stress points, the kite is tough and yet extremely agile. A one-point inflation system allows for quick assembly and pack-up.
Let's get straight to the analogies: you know when you see a bloke in the park walking a big, athletic husky dog and you imagine that if he let it off the lead he'd never see it again? Well, this kite is a bit like that; seemingly only restrained from running off into the sky never to be seen again, by its four lines. This must be the quickest ten metre kite we've tested. In the sky the shape looks good; boxy and athletic, like a C shape, and with these very wide tips, which obviously give it such good turning speed. It looks exciting. The bar is basic and although not the most evolved through years of production, or the most lavish, it's clean and functional. It's also comfortable, up the point where you start doing a lot of unhooked tricks. There's a leash attachment ring under the bar that sticks out slightly to the left which makes it uncomfortable to get your hands into the middle of the bar, butted up to the chicken-loop line as the ring tends to rubs your knuckle. As this kite is so quick, you really do need your hands in the middle when unhooked. If you're not unhooking much, this really isn't an issue, but something we needed to point out. We test a lot of ten metre delta and hybrid kites and have got used to the steady power they develop, providing good low end performance. This really does fly more like a seven metre and doesn't have that base level of grunt most other tens do these days, but what it did do was more than make up for it in its flying speed and top end. You need to make more power strokes than you'd usually have to at the bottom of the ten metre's wind range to get it going, but because it's so fast you can. At the other end of the spectrum, having such a fast kite makes riding in strong winds incredibly good fun and it has a lot of range at the top end with plenty of depower. The SP-X turns very pivotally. Looking at the shape of it we were expecting a bit more grunt in the turns, but actually it just spins like a lunatic, so if you're not looking for lots of power in the turns it's a lot of fun. Again, for unhooking it provided steady power for pop, but you have to keep an eye on it speed-wise. But what it does do, because it gets to the front of the window so well, is give a lovely lull in the power, which is the point that you can learn to make your passes. For learning surface passes or basic flat passes it's excellent.
This is a kite flier's kite; super fast, zippy and a lot of fun. If you're quite a light weight rider, have always enjoyed flying stunt kites, like going out in strong winds and want a direct, quick kite for a bit of everything, then this is a hoot. Too quick for a beginner, wake-style riders will want a bit steadier kite and heavier riders will want something with a bit more low end, but wave riders and fast freeriders will like this a lot.
Insane flying speeds, if you can keep up!
Move the leash ring under the bar slightly for unhooking.

12, 10.5, 9 and 7m

Added: 2010-08-25

Category: Gear

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