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The Monkeys make an emphatic return in their second movie. This time Vari, James, Tobias and Herraiz have a clear mission in mind: 'to explode the progressive kiteboarding envelope.' Michael Caine once famously said, 'You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!' Well, they didn't listen to him either. The journey begins with the boys getting tubed up to their nuts in Mauritius and some 'secret' Pacific island locations, and the film develops in a comic book meets spoof documentary kind of way. It's hip hop, it's rock, it's hard, it's soft, it's ground-breaking and revolutionary... with a delicate overlay of semi-naked chicks sprinkled throughout. It's epic carnage meets soulful beauty, and it's not exclusively wave-riding either - there's a fair helping of the boys laying down the latest freestyle tricks too. DVD of the year? I should coco.
RUNNING TIME: 35 minutes
FEATURED RIDERS: Jeff Tobias, Will James, Martin Vari, Jaime Herraiz
FEATURED SPOTS: Hawaii, Mauritius and the North Korean Peninsula
SOUNDTRACK: William Strongberg, The White Stripes, Misfits, War, Master of Puppets, Queens of the Stone Age, The Pixies
BONUS SECTIONS: More waves! Mainly consisting of Will James demonstrating how naturally he can ride the wave both ways, but also has some unbelievable footage of the waves that Jeff Tobias rode at The Zoo in Western Australia. Also footage gathered over a season on Oahu including the boys tow surfing. Full details of the North product range is available too.

Space Monkeys 2 was featured in Issue #13.
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Added: 2008-09-22

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