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RUNNING TIME ? Approximately 90 minutes
WORDS - Jim Gaunt

This is a movie with a story ? a story about Cape Town: a place that got 40 consecutive windy days during the summer of '05 / '06. With African images scattered throughout and some good insights into what you can expect if you go, it's an imaginatively edited, slick and artistic look at the diverse kiteboarding opportunities you can find in this area of South Africa. Guiding you around the Cape and along the Garden Route are PKRA hot shots Aaron Hadlow, Ruben Lenten, Kevin Langeree and Greg Thijsse alongside wave gurus and Cape Town locals, Peter Petersen and Ralf Bachshuster.

There's a huge mix of riding blended in to this relative epic, from old school big air, grabs and board-offs, through to the latest tricks and insane kite loops innovated from the PKRA tour that you just won't see anywhere else. Lenten and Hadlow is a rare combination on a dvd, and this has both at once! South Africa is possibly the best training ground a well rounded kiteboarder could want. Conditions are diverse it seems and this isn't just another film filled with handle-pass after handle-pass - the young guard really come across as guys who just love kiteboarding ? in whatever guise that may be. Kevin Langeree in particular has great vision and imagination with his kite and often can be seen doing the old running on the water trick or riding the board on his hands and jumping off towers. Meanwhile Peter and Ralf are off finding some of the nicest walls of water, making five or six turns on the wave. Cape Town is blessed with huge Atlantic swells and these guys live for them. Peter and Ralf were the main makers of Snapshot and were aware that people wanted a diverse video. All they had to do really was look outside their front door and there were the materials, right on their doorstep, on display every single day.

Snapshot was featured in Issue #24.
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Added: 2008-09-18

Category: Gear

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