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Slingshot Turbo 2 9m (2007)

The new Slingshot T2 is a four-line bow kite with its own proprietary DNA. The kite delivers all rider-requirements: range, instant de-power, boosting, good relaunch- ability and stability. The Turbo 2 is designed for any kiter, entry-level to advanced, looking for four-line simplicity in a bow platform. Characteristics such as predictability, ease of use, unmatched range and overall performance make this the ideal all-round kite. The Slingshot Turbo 2 makes kiteboarding accessible and fun!

Slingshot have their build-quality sorted; it's always good. You have everything you'd expect here and more. What a good looking kite.
GEORGE: Good one pump system, the only thing out of the bag is that there's a lot of bridle to get used to. They've got this XPulley and the front bridle is attached to the back by the X-bridle system. It's just bridle though, not rocket science, and they have put male and female pig tails on to make thing easier.
CHRIS: Simple, well-made, comfortable bars are where it's at for me, and this doesn't disappoint. The chicken-loop safety is good, possibly a bit chunky, but it's robust and strong, neat and tidy.
GEORGE: Again it's got depower below the bar which we explained our thoughts with on the Airush. The same limits to how easy it is to use and how much depower you can pull on at once because of your hips getting in the way apply here. But again, it means you can have a sliding stopper, which we like, and this one is a cracker - it's very solid, so just be careful not to set it too low for your ability, leave yourself plenty of depower if you think you need it.
CHRIS: I think the leash safety is too far away and it doesn't spin. The pulleys slow the steering down and give loads of depower which is great for intermediates, so hooking onto the chicken-loop is no problem as long as the stopper is set far enough away.
This kite is never going to give you any nasty surprises. It's very stable (and we had it out in some strong and gusty winds), it had plenty of opportunity to invert, but there wasn't a sniff of it. If you're a beginner you tend to move the bar in strange ways and the kite can run away with you. With this it won't, it's very very stable. And because of the pulleys, it's not too quick - you get time to recover your mistakes.
GEORGE: It's an absolute jump machine!
CHRIS: I absolutely loved it for a bit of old school action. I was jumping all day.. People don't learn to kitesurf to be wakeboarders, they want to be kiteboarders and want air-time. The slow and steady turning means you feel very comfortable in the air and makes getting air easier than ever.
GEORGE: It's a good first time kite. Really good depower range, smooth power delivery that doesn't spike, it's just very constant. For park and ride wave riding its stability really helps. It will sit alongside you for a couple of turns letting you really concentrate on the board.
CHRIS: Think back to being a beginner and intermediate - you'd be so spoilt with this. Loads of fun. Complete confidence; hand it to your mum!
GEORGE: Yeah, and it reverse launches on the spot. If it's down in front of you it's back up again within seconds.
CHRIS: It's really nice to see the bow evolution working, it's all coming together now.

A classic bow. Rapid relaunch, insane hang-time, solid in the sky, huge amounts of depower - and quick to ditch that power, too. If you want to tank around the ocean, boosting big and aren't too bothered about learning new school moves just yet, then strap yourself into this! It will spoil you.

5, 7, 9, 11 and 14m


Slingshot - Turbo 2
Slingshot - Turbo 2
Slingshot - Turbo 2
Slingshot - Turbo 2

Added: 2007-12-17

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