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Slingshot SX 137 (2007)

The SX board has been a favourite of Slingshot board designer John Doyle for over four years. The SX stands for skate series and the boards have an all-round deck for any rider looking for a forgiving shape that is easy and fun to manipulate and ride. Whether you are learning to master new freestyle moves or simply enjoying the experience of effortless free-ride carving, the SX board offers just the right amount of controlled flex and response that any rider, beginner to advanced, can appreciate.

GEORGE: This is another popular design with that oval, traditional, long, thin kiteboard shape.
CHRIS: It's quite flat in the middle of the board but then gets more progressive towards the ends and there's more rocker in the tips.
GEORGE: There's a lot of concave in the bottom and that shows through in the top shape. It's wicked. You can see there's concave all the way to the tips. A lot of concave these days is elliptical in the middle ? which leaves the tips free to create the pop. Slingshot have got this sort of tunnel concave.
WILL: You can really feel it gripping the water.
GEORGE: It's a little bit harder to pop off the water as a result, but is super-fast and comfortable. It's not that this board is particularly difficult to pop, it's just not its main focus. Good, durable construction on the bottom.
WILL: It's really comfortable and has this nice, tight feeling on your feet. The straps and pads are really good. When you've got soft pads and a concave like this you can really cruise. It's very good upwind, too. It's a good ocean board, you know what I mean?
GEORGE: Yep, and it gets up and going quick, too.
CHRIS: The concave softens the ride and gives you more suck. A flatter board will get you planing better, but won't be as comfortable. The more concave in the board the more comfortable it is at the expense of early planing. The rocker line on this is flat but it has quite aggressive tips, which is good because the flatter section helps you get up and going, and the shape in the tips makes it more comfortable and stops you getting a load of spray in the face. It can handle the high-winds, too. Most manufacturers started off with the elliptical concave just in the middle which gives you that really skiddy feel allowing you to change direction quickly and keeps the tips out of the water and slows the boards up. Having concave all the way through makes it ride faster. I don't think this is designed as a really poppy board. I like the finish on this rather than a lot of the step-cap construction. It looks smooth and sleek.

This is Slingshot's ocean-going race machine. Think of it as being similar to a vehicle suitable for the Paris- Dakkar rally and you'll be somewhere close. Fast, precise handling, loads of control and takes care of all the lumps and bumps, too. All these qualities would make the SX great for good beginners through to good intermediates alike. Plenty of scope for freestyle, but all-afternoon cruising is where this excels. We recommend anyone over the average man's weight should look for a bigger size, though.

137 x 40,
147 x 43
157 x 46cm


This test is inissue #28

Slingshot SX 137
Slingshot SX 137
Slingshot SX 137

Added: 2007-12-17

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