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Slingshot SRT 5' 5" (2007)

Good looking board with great fixtures and fittings. Likes to be ridden fast and powered. So if you're sub 80 kilos and have some directional experience in stronger winds then you'll probably love it. Otherwise, there's a 5'11' that might suit you better.
The new 2007 SRT range of two boards (including a 5'11') have been designed specifically for hardcore down-the-line kitesurfing, where the power of the wave is more important than the power of the kite. Designed by our team, and legendary board shaper Bill Johnson, they have a round tail, tri-fin configuration with a durable sanded epoxy construction to withstand the power of the wave, and can be ridden with or without straps.
It suited me because it's the smallest. Turns really quickly and aggressively and likes being ridden powered, a bit more like a twin-tip.
ANDY: Best size for me too - very controllable. Although it's small there is still plenty of drive there as the front strap is positioned nicely forward.
RICHARD: I'm surprised how quickly it gets up and going. It's smooth, but to get the most out of it you really need to be riding powered. Would be excellent in 20+ knots and difficult conditions where its size means you could get out of trouble when you needed to!
CHRIS: Bit too small for me. Nice shape though, set up for cross-shore and powered conditions. Don't think it's a first wave board, but in high winds it would rock.
STEPH: Pretty technical to gybe but it rides toe-side well, because it's small and narrow. You could ride a long way and not get uncomfortable, which makes the learning to gybe thing not so urgent.
KIRSTY: Really responsive for a light- to medium-weight rider, or high wind board for a bigger, more experienced directional rider. Probably a good board for a surfer; easy and snappy to turn and feels so smooth on the wave, as long as you have power.
5' 8"
5' 11"


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Slingshot SRT 5' 5
Slingshot SRT 5' 5

Added: 2007-05-31

Category: Gear

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