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Slingshot Rev 11m (2008)

The new 2008 Slingshot Rev is the answer for every kiter looking for the performance of a traditional C shape kite but more of the depower and range of a dedicated bow kite. The REV is a four line hybrid kite that has a unique compact bridle and comes complete with the new Directdrive control bar. This eliminates the use of pulleys on the bar and features a new centre safety system which brings 100% depower, safety and convenience below the bar. So whether you are the likes of Ben Wilson smacking waves all day long in the surf or a flat water freerider looking for a Fuel-like-feel with depower, look no further than the Slingshot Rev.

JAMES: Looks similar to the Link from last year; the graphics are similar, the bar is the same, but I'm glad they didn't change that. The grip has nice width, there are good Oh Shit handles, the depower on the kite is good, I'm just not used to the cleat being below the bar, but I know a lot of systems are like that now. If you have a lot of depower pulled on then you end up with a lot of rope hanging around your waist. If you have short arms it can be hard to reach the traditional depower above-the-bar option, so this way it is easy. Usual awesome Slingshot build-quality. I think it feels like a nice, comfortable kite with no unwanted surprises.
CHRIS: Yep, there's no doubt that it's very easy to fly. Goes upwind really well.
JAMES: It does, and it doesn't ever feel too fast or too slow. It is just the right speed for most things that I want to do. For me as a C kite rider though, it doesn't have that direct feel. Even though it has nice, light bar-pressure, there isn't that heavy pull on the centre line. It feels light in the sky.
CHRIS: It has extremely light bar pressure, good range and pivotal turning (so there's not that extreme power in the kite loops). I think it jumps well and it really pulls you up nice and quickly. It just doesn't seem to have any balls. I reckon it's a great kite for people who don't want their arms pulled off on the water or someone with weaker shoulders/arms.
JAMES: If you want something not too scary so that you can spend time progressing your riding rather than constantly managing power then this is very good. It's nice and mellow. For me as an advanced rider there is no wow in the performance. If you're not kiting a huge amount though and want a nice, easy-touse kite to get the most enjoyment from a session then this is great. A kite that will soak up the gusts, no stress.

The Rev would be suitable for beginner and higher level riders who are looking for an uncomplicated kite that just works well for whatever they want. It's a little bit like owning a car with power steering; it's easy but you lose some feeling through the bar because of the light feel. Re-launch was excellent, great construction and the bar is very comfortable.

5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15m

Slingshot - Rev


Kiteworld Mag Issue #30
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Slingshot - Rev
Slingshot - Rev

Slingshot - Rev

Slingshot - Rev

Slingshot - Rev

Added: 2008-08-01

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