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Slingshot Link 9m (2007)

Tony Logosz and team believe they have introduced the only 'true hybrid' kite with the Link. They have combined the best qualities of a flat kite and a traditional C kite to create a new and revolutionary hybrid-style kite that performs equally well, four or five line. You choose the platform. Ride the Link set-up as bridled four-line for simplicity, depower, and bowstyle performance. Or ride the Link in a traditional five line set-up for fifth line safety, fifth line relaunch and traditional C kite high-end performance. They state that the Link is the benchmark for all-round high-performance freeride kites.
(We only report on the four line set-up here- Ed)

The Link is an impressive looking piece of kit. Has all the Slingshot standard quality fixtures and fittings and solid colours on the panel layout. Looks really good in the air, the bar is solidly finished and has one of my favourite stopper and safety systems. The stopper doesn't slip up when you ride against it, but releases without a flinch when the release is pulled. Finally, the bar also has a nice depower cleat below the bar that works really well right from the off - not stiff at all.
WILL: Slingshot bars are all good, this is no different with a really nice feel. The premise of the Link is great - I was really excited to try the only 'true hybrid'. But I'm not sure it's quite ready yet...
GEORGE: No, it's a good kite for cruising around on and pulls you around steadily with no problems. Good power and depower for intermediate cruising. The issues we have, which are common in most flatter shaped kites, are with instability when stationary, either on the beach or on the water. You have to keep these kites moving.
WILL: It boosts, floats fine and loops pretty fast, too. I did some unhooked loops and wasn't intimidated at all as there isn't too much grunt there. You can pretty much do everything you want on it, you just can't do nothing at all. It never got windy enough to test its full depower, but on full power it was fine for me with plenty of range.

Like many flat kites, this kite does have some stability issues, as it needs to be kept moving to keep the apparent wind running through it. Really more of a cruiser than a performance kite but is equipped with grade A fixtures and fittings.

7, 9, 10.5, 12 and 15m


This test is in issue #26

Slingshot - Link
Slingshot - Link
Slingshot - Link

Added: 2007-12-17

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