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Slingshot Glide 149 (2006)

Bit different this one: purely for lightwind fun. For anything serious you need just a bit more grip. This is for getting out in the summer winds and cruising up and down and spinning around. We felt some concave on such a big flat surface would have given a bit more grip. The concept is great, but possibly a little bit too hard to ride for the market it's in.

The 2006 Slingshot Glide has been designed specifically for staying upwind in light wind conditions. It has minimum drag for maximum upwind efficiency, featuring increased surface area and a flat rocker to plane earlier and faster. Its custom pro-sanded finish makes the Glide as light as possible and the thin parallel rails are ideal for intermediate or advanced riders looking for top performance in the lightest of winds.

NEAL: Those fins are tiny, they make the board feel really small. You get on that even after one of the little boards and it's harder to control directionally. On a big board like this it should be all about ease of getting your rail in and heading upwind.
WILL: I think it's literally just been made to get out in as little wind as possible. When I was carving I found the front side was trying to dig in. You'd have so lean far back because it was so big and that wasn't comfortable.
NEAL: Good luck carving that round! You could spin it round super easy to point toe-side, but riding it that way was tricky. It's just stiff, but if it were any more flexible it just wouldn't go anywhere. It does what it does. It isn't hard work, it's fun and it does fly upwind.
JAKE: You can point it wherever you like and it'll go there. It's a giggle.
WILL: A lot of people will be interested in kit that will let them get out on the water in the summer after work whatever the wind's doing. This is for them. I know some older guys that would probably love it for just cruising.
GEORGE: There's very little directional stability. Will was doing surface-passes on it!
WILL: It's really fun and easy for that. It slides out and loses edge if you land fast, but in really light wind you're not really going to be jumping anyway. At the end of the day I went back to that board just to cruise up and down and try some fun things.

149x46cm only


This test is in issue #21

Slingshot Glide
Slingshot Glide

Added: 2007-03-26

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