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Slingshot Fuse 149 (2007)

Suitable for a light wind cruiser who'd like to dabble at a bottom turn and get used to riding a bigger, more rounded asymmetrical shape. It is fun to sail, not really from a wave-riding perspective, but in lighter winds it is fine and goes upwind really well.
Experience the enjoyment of riding waves or wind swell 'right out of the box'. Slingshot board designer, John Doyle, has used his 25 years of board-shaping experience to create the ultimate directional kiteboard that is equally at home on waves or wind swell. The unique shape and directional rocker line of the Fuse make it easier than ever for anyone familiar with riding a twin-tip to enjoy waves without the learning curve of a surfboard.
NEAL: The Slingshot has a surfboard outline but doesn't have a surfboard rocker-line. It's so narrow in the tail and there's nothing to push your back foot against. It's also quite flat underneath, so it's pretty skatey.
WILL: I was sliding it out at the top of the wave. Probably didn't look very good, but it felt fun! Flew upwind on this board.
GEORGE: And in light winds it still gets up and going easily, but its flatness doesn't help it in waves I don't think.
NEAL: Yeah, but unlike most twin-tips that are like that, if you put your weight onto one rail or other (depending on if you're gybing or trying to go upwind for example), you can influence and turn it well. However, any amount of back foot pressure to get it to turn properly on a wave and it just starts sliding out from beneath you. When you come off-the-top it doesn't have a surfboard style top turn at all, it's way more twin-tip. I'd like to try it with some bigger fins in the back.
WILL: It's not the best at sailing backwards, you have to get used to it.
GEORGE: It doesn't have solid drive where you can bury your toes or your heels and the board will just bite. The outline means it is unstable at the top and doesn't drop solidly.
NEAL: It could do with more volume, as although it's got a big outline, it's very thin. We've been negative here, but it is fun to sail, not really from a wave riding perspective, but in lighter winds it is fine and goes upwind really well.

This test is inissue #25

Slingshot Fuse
Slingshot Fuse
Slingshot Fuse

Added: 2007-09-11

Category: Gear

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