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Slingshot Fuel 9m (2007)

This kite is part of kiting's heritage. Six years of C kite development has left Slingshot with a serious weapon on their hands. If you are looking to ride a lot unhooked, make some radical kite loops and the like, are not too worried about full depower, then this is an absolute gem.
The Fuel kite has a legacy for innovation dating back to 2001. Over time the Fuel kite has achieved a legendary status of being number one. Slingshot believe over that time they've come to know their core Fuel riders; what they want and demand. Fuel riders worldwide require an expert level of performance, uncompromising power and unmatched durability to achieve top-level riding. These are the performance characteristics of the Slingshot Fuel. The Fuel is as unique as its riders. To ride a Fuel is the ultimate statement of power.
GEORGE: Very imposing kite straight out the bag. Really nice graphic, perhaps purple wouldn't be my colour choice, but you really got the impression it was a mean kite and ready for action. I got excited about this one straight away.
SHINN: The construction's right up there with the normal Slingshot standards, and the bar looks the same as last year's to me.
GEORGE: Yep, again they've got the ideal one pump system and I guess there's truth in the old adage, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.'
NEAL: Bar-wise there's a nice, big chicken loop for unhooking; I think that gives a good indication for who this kite is aimed at.
GEORGE: The only problem I had with this kite was that the quick release was quite fiddly. You have to grasp a small button with your finger-tips and pull away from you to release it.
WILL: Awesome kite though, and really grunty. Whatever direction you point it in you know you'll be firing after it a second later! I really like the bar and the depower's not as good as the hybrids of course, but impressive nonetheless.
SHINN: Fantastic kite. Very fast, very precise. Hang-time is average but one of the best freestyle kites I've tried. Extremely light bar pressure when unhooked and the kite loops very fast indeed.
5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17m
Slingshot Fuel 9m (Appeared in Kiteworld in Apr/May 2007: Issue #26 - Super-C-kite Test)

This test is in issue #26

Slingshot Fuel
Slingshot Fuel
Slingshot Fuel

Added: 2007-05-31

Category: Gear

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