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Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp (2008)

Dimitri Maramenides's signature line reflects his unique style of kiting. Everybody who wants to approach his skill level requires equipment with the best possible combination of characteristics. Working alongside Dimitri, Skywalker managed to create a distinctive range of boards, which aside from last year's renowned shapes, includes a new uncompromising 127 x 42cm freestyle board and a 135 x 43cm lightwind model. The whole range was mastered by modifying outlines, rail shapes, laminate composition and more. The new boards are stiffer than the 2007 series which has further increased their incredible pop. The new perforated top foil ensures an unparalleled visual effect. The emphasis on the 2008 pro line was on retaining the boards' image of being reliable and comfortable. The innovative Fack'n'Strong composite core technology makes the boards among the lightest on the market. Introduced in 2005, this exclusive technology provides an unmatched robustness to weight ratio.
CHRIS: The outline is quite unusual in the tips and the board feels short and fat. The board has a graphite-like texture and I'm sure it's tough. The pads and straps are fine, but there is a texture on the pads made up of little squares that feels a little strange on your feet at first, but you soon get used to it.
NEAL: It's a very sturdy feeling board. Comfortable if not spectacularly good pads and straps on a board that feels really well put together. It's quite small for a modern freestyle twin-tip but it gets away with that by being a little stiffer than some, with a good amount of pop. The stiffness means it exceeds expectations upwind as well and gets going very swiftly. Being small, it deals with chop and riding overpowered brilliantly.
CHRIS: It's easy to ride, and although it isn't a pop monster, when loaded and popped off a wave or chop it feels nice and light. The width helps it pop for such a short board and its width and light weight make it a comfortable, forgiving ride and a lot of fun. Nice to see a board that has the grip on the toe-side rail for grabbing and board-offs.
NEAL: The rail is a little soft and I found it slips a little at full power, but overall a really nice, comfortable allrounder to pull out on powered up days when your bigger board is starting to cause you trouble.
CHRIS: Bridges the gap between old and new school and does it well.
SUMMARY: Tough yet light, the Dimitri Pro Comp has all the riding benefits of a short board but has enough width to make things easy. Despite its title, you don't need to be a top rider to make the most of this. A high wind board for advanced riders or an all-round fun board for a good intermediate rider.
127 x 37.5cm
127 x 42cm
131 x 40cm
135 x 43cm
Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp

This test is inissue #33

Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp
Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp

Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp

Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp

Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp

Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp

Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp

Skywalker Dimitri Pro Comp

Added: 2007-12-17

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