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Skywalker Dimitri 131 (2007)

A great one quiver board, the 131 is ideally suited for larger and taller riders, or for light wind conditions. The 131 will allow riders to push the limits and thrives on power moves and freestyle: both worlds in one! And, because of its length, it also kills it in the waves. This board offers better pop than the '06 model and a softer feeling under foot due to the flex control tips and is structurally reinforced with a composite F.S. core, which is kite loop proof!

WILL: Graphics were all a little crazy for my liking...and the praying mantis hasn't got me just yet...but I suppose there's still time! I thought the overall finish was good though, seemed pretty tough and the straps and pads were comfortable. GEORGE: Never judge a book by the bright blue bug on its cover! This is a very comfortable twin-tip.
NEAL: The ride quality felt like the construction: not bad, but not special in any one department, but it did feel like a good all-rounder because of it. I just thought there was a little too much flex running throughout the board, making it feel a little heavy when you were trying for pop, but that did mean it soaked up the lumps and bumps well.
GEORGE: Yeah it's got the most amount of flex I've come across, it was hugely bendy. It did really soak up the chop and didn't jar your legs at all, but you could feel the board running over everything in a wobbly way, and funnily enough, it wasn't uncomfortable, just different.
NEAL: Wasn't bad for pop, you could just feel the flex taking on the load. Maybe the lighter riders would like the feel of this size and get more response from the flex, it would be easier for them to turn, slide and pop it; bigger riders should go for a bigger size.
WILL: The pads and straps were really comfortable and I thought it was a good allrounder for most riders. Carved well and dealt with whatever you threw at it. Wasn't overly aggressive, which makes it userfriendly for most riders out there. I think it's for someone who's light on their feet and looking for one board for all occasions.

A good all-round board of decent, robust construction, although just a tad too flexible throughout for any real heavyweight pop.

122 x 36, 127 x 37.5, 131 x 40, 135 x 47.5cm


This test is in issue #26

Skywalker Dimitri 131
Skywalker Dimitri 131
Skywalker Dimitri 131

Added: 2007-12-17

Category: Gear

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