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Skywalker Cruise (2009)

The Cruise Series range is designed for the beginner to intermediate level kiteboarder looking for a modern, advanced technology board at a reasonable price. Many boards at the lower end of the price scale use old, cheap technology. The Cruise range includes many of the features found in much higher-priced pro ranges. The core of these boards is the Airex C70 foam, giving a fast flex response, durability and remarkably low weight. All these features, combined with the proven shapes, gives you a range of boards that are early planing and fast upwind, yet remain extremely easy-to-use and above all, forgiving of mistakes.
When you first pick this board up you wonder if there's something missing because it's so light. It feels half the weight of boards half its size, which must be one of its light wind planing secrets. At 47.5cm wide, it's got the width to get you up and going and the lightness in weight to keep it going. The stiffness also means that it's quick out of the blocks and also doesn't affect the ride comfort too much. It is, however, a little more technical to jump and do tricks on than you might think. All that width for starters makes it harder for you to have as much of an influence over the rails, making edging for powered take-offs harder and landing hard has more of an impact, but it does improve your technique. It's planes crazily early. We were going in 10 knots on a 16 metre, and in 12 knots on 12 and 14 metres, so it will get you out more often than even a surfboard. And as you're out in the flattest of waters, really motoring along, you won't be able to help yourself trying things. The board is so light that you feel a lot of energy from it, but you just have to be on your game to take off properly and nail your landings. Great fun though.
144x41 and 138x40m

Added: 2009-05-07

Category: Gear

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