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Skywalker Competition (2009)

Building on the huge success of the '08 model, the Competition Series feature an asymmetrical outline with a straight heel-side rail and a curved toe side rail. The edge grip and upwind ability is unreal and the manoeuvrability of the 2008 model has remained as well as the elliptical 4mm concave. Additional wake boot inserts will rock some new school fans and an additional UD glass layer on each side makes the board almost unbreakable, particularly in combination with the Fack'n'Strong composite core and four bolt mounting foot straps. Furthermore, a high-gloss UV stable top foil ensures its good looks last forever. Final touches include softer pads set on a plate, inserts for two extra-wide stance options and a new wide rail grab. The 2009 competition boards are uncompromising, tough high-performance shapes designed to allow you to push the limits.
This is a very exciting looking board, with loads of graphics plastered all over it, a nice looking freestyle shape and, like its light wind relative, the Cruise, is extremely light. The squidgy and comfortable pads lock you in nicely, providing a lot of security and comfort. This was the smallest board we had on test this issue, but didn't feel like it, providing a good platform for fast riding and holding power. Skywalker seem to have the combination of a smaller board with a slightly rounded outline and stiffness, just right. Performance-wise this is one of those boards you love to test because you can get straight on it and have uncomplicated fun. Even though this is small, the stiffness makes it feel light and responsive without feeling uncomfortable. The lightweight aspect makes it a lot of fun for throwing yourself about on and discovering that you can get to those grabs you've never been able to make before. There's a lot of energy in this little pocket rocket. While it doesn't have the best pop on the market, that light, responsive feel made it so easy to take off and land any way you fancy. There's a lot to be said for a comfortable board. Because of that it deals with chop or gusts fantastically. As long as you've got some power in your kite you can go out and try anything you like. While the board isn't actually doing tricks for you it's making them as easy as it can.

While it's not a board for out-and-out freestylers, who would perhaps want a bit more pop, the rest of us, who like our kiting all round, will think it's brilliant. Heavier riders would want something a bit bigger, though

Light weight energetic feel and easy, fun handling.
Add a stronger handle for those that need it.

135 x 43, 131 x 40, 127 x 42, and 127 x 37.5cm


This test is inissue #40

Added: 2009-05-07

Category: Gear

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