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Shinn Dundee 133 (2012)

The Dundee is the latest model in Shinn's freeride arsenal. Proudly stepping into the line-up to replace the departing Luigi, the Dundee continues a fine tradition of doing everything and anything with no fuss or drama. High speed carving, jumping or early planing, the Dundee delivers effortless control no matter how good or bad the conditions might be. No other board caters as well for the high-performance freerider. Adopting the Squoval deck mould and constant curve rocker allows the Dundee to munch chop and save your knees ? qualities the Shinn range is famous for ? while the bi-radial outline and reduced length-per-width provide unparalleled poise and control where versatility is paramount. The Dundee comeswith the Sneaker S! strap and pad system and 57mm freeride fins.
Looks-wise, this is so obviously a Shinn. Their products always seem very different and it's clear that Mark likes to think outside the bubble. The boards stand out, not only in their refreshing looks and different personalities, but also in their build and construction. The quality of manufacture really is second to none. The Dundee, although isn't actually much smaller than we might usually choose to ride, feels small underfoot and easy to manoeuvre and the very thin ABS rails bite very easily. Moderate flex throughout there's some stiffness retained in the tips. The outline looks good, it's quite subtle and not too aggressively shaped for freestyle, but holds width to the tips, without taking away from the board's freeride capabilities and doesn't spray you in the face in crappy water conditions. The constant curve rocker stops the board catching any unwanted edges and the slight concave in the centre of the board is another reason why the ride feels so smooth. Overall board speed is high with a good combination of softness built in.
Shinn have gone for some really thick looking pads and when you get on the board you do feel a bit higher than normal, but they are lovely and soft and do compress to give you a comfortable ride. They are very easy to assemble as one piece and the strap tightens down around your feet nicely with a Velcro strap underneath the big soft pad over the top, so you get double tightness. At times they do feel as if they need to cover a bit further back over the top of your foot, but this is usually when you've just put your foot in and within a run or two your foot gets really nicely rooted and locked in there with the soft pad and gets loads of purchase from the toe grip, providing lots of support.The Dundee has a superb overall feel, combining speed and comfort but at the same time produces a really dynamic pop. The freestyle characteristics of progressive pop and launch control don't detract at all from what most riders are looking for in their freeride boards. Grip, superb edging and speed control, light and lively feeling and a good top end, it's just that when you want to, it loads up a treat allowing you to more easily practice freestyle in distinctly average conditions.
The Dundee is packed with energy, speed and easy-of-use ? to say it's your bread and butter kitesurfing board sounds like we're doing it a disservice, but we just mean that anyone could get on this and make it work. It's like special handmade bread, straight out of the oven with lots of velvety butter melted over the top. How's that?

Typically silky smooth performance characteristics in a package that makes really average conditions seem like good fun. The secret Shinn ride and build quality, looks and prestige are all there, too.


It's not really anything we would change, but we only got to test the 133, which we felt was a bit small for us, but the fact it still worked so well is a tribute to the effectiveness of the shape.
135 x 44, 133 x 42, 131 x 41 and 129 x 39.5cm

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Shinn Dundee
Shinn Dundee
Shinn Dundee
Shinn Dundee

Added: 2012-06-20

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