Shinn ADHD 137 2014

Shinn ADHD 2014


If you seek the ultimate kite low performance then you better choose a tool suited to the job. Too many riders are forced into riding a sub-optimal board simply through a lack of options. In a world where pop and landing are key components, the ADHD can help you unlock your potential both on the water and on the cable. The extended constant curve rocker provides softer, more controlled landings with exagerrated lift in the tip and tail. Hyrdro Flo 2 conduits (channels) provide more grip with less fin. Designed with both PKRA and wake officianado influence, the ADHD is compatible with most bindings and features wide stance options. Every feature of the ADHD is designed to help you take your performance to the next level so you better get ready to get wet, progression is not easy, but at least now you won’t be able to blame your deck.

Shinn ADHD 2014


When we thought twin-tips were twin-tips, Shinn showed us that there can be a difference, and Mark is still delivering products that are evolving and improving. Each of his boards offer the kiteboarder something different, but something relevant. From a reviewing perspective, twin-tips can sometimes be a bit bland in terms of bringing something new, but in terms of designs made for kiteboarding, the Shinn stuff really is a breath of fresh air, and the ADHD is a perfect case in point.

‘Wakestyle’ boards designed for boots are usually so stiff in the middle and not very progressive, just a generic three stage rocker, and tend to feel wooden, slow and quite heavy. Straight away this shape looks to make sense for boots riding with a kite, combining a kitesurfing freestyle outline with a wakestyle rocker that has been given Shinn’s constant curve. Shinn haven’t stepped so far wakestyle that it’s not kiteboarding anymore. The ADHD looks refined and isn’t really thick and as a result is lighter, too. The rails are relatively thin compared to the traditional wakestyle shapes and there’s a good bite in the riding feel. Relatively narrow in the tips, the ADHD is also very adept for carving in the sea as well as on flat water. If you’re stepping up to a boot set-up, the ADHD feels very familiar straight away and you don’t have to suddenly adjust your technique.

Providing lots of grip and more than enough speed the ADHD feels natural and comfortable at the speed that a kite pulls. Edge management is very intuitive, progressive and smooth, it’s not just on and off and builds into a top level pop. There’s more than enough rocker to keep the real hardcore boots riders happy and yet you can go out and ride normally as well as practice the more basic tricks – strapped or booted. Great speed for freestyle and the nose and tail seem just right to maintain good edging performance as well as carving the board round and switching the board 180 without it being too physical.

We’ve been waiting for a wakestyle board that allows us to progress that way, but doesn’t come at the cost of us being able to do any other sent kite freestyle performance. The weight of the ADHD feels relatively light on the feet, which is lovely.

If you’re already a hardcore wakestyler, are commited to the belief in big channels and no fins, you may find this a bit soft, but that’s a small percentage of the market. If, on the other hand, you’re an aspirational good intermediate to advanced rider and looking to step up your game to wakestyle and possibly to riding boots, then this won’t hinder you at all and smashes through chop.


Offering performance with comfort for day-long riding, the ADHD is agile and smooth and intelligently takes all the pop performance that a wakestyle rider wants, but presents it in a way that doesn’t restrict a genuine kite rider from performing however they want in a variety of conditions, from fast boosting and table tops to dirty, kite low manoeuvres that require immense amounts of pop. Flexible and comfortable, what it lacks in out and out stiffness in the middle, it really helps out in the chop and smoothness of the ride, which at the end of the day aids performance in everyday conditions.The ADHD is refreshing in its feel because it retains the focus on how a board should compliment a kite, rather than fight it and really bridges the gap between freestyle and wakestyle.


Lively speed and control in a wakestyle board that provides an uplifting progression and proves that deeply rockered boards don’t need to be slow and heavy.


The ADHD is very suitable for the cable, but the base isn’t the most durable for lots of grinding and sliding, plus there are many wakestylers commited to the feel of heavier channels and smaller fins than on the ADHD.


Build quality: 8
Fixtures and fittings: 8
Speed: 7.5
Pop: 8
Upwind: 8
Slider proof: No
Freeriding: 8
Freestyle: 8.5
Ease-of-use 8

SIZES: 137 x 43 and 137 x 41cm (tested model)

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