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RRD Vision 9m (2011)

Superior versatility, exceptionally balanced. The Vision kite is amazing fun and accessible to anyone with easy turns, super-smooth power and acceleration. The three strut design and simple structure offers perfect handling in gusty conditions, the Vision also re-launches on the spot. Perfectly positioned in the wind window ? never too far forward or back ? just right to let you feel safe and in control, it's usable by the largest variety of kiters on the water today. Medium / light bar pressure with very easy manoeuvrability mean there are no limits to your progression with the Vision kite in any conditions.
RRD have been impressing us with the build quality and exciting flying characteristics of their kites for years. The Vision is yet another reason that we think the brand is one of the strongest manufacturers in the world. Simple, clean and green, the Vision is an uncomplicated but extremely robust three strut design. The bridle is small and simple, there's a strong one pump system and loads of attention to detail and reinforcement on the kite. This isn't one of those kites that you'll be lucky to get two seasons out of, it's built to last. Nice little details such as reflectors on the end of the struts, grab handles and other fine touches will give you confidence you've made the right purchase. Down at the bar and things only get better.
Stunningly simple, well made, strong and comfortable, it's all you need in a bar, featuring a handle-pass ring as well as a mini-fifth line flag out line ring to attach to. You can also leash to that flag out line at the same time as clipping onto the chicken-loop if you want, allowing you to ride unhooked
suicide style, but should you need to pull the release, you have the peace of mind that the kite will still flag out. As soon as the kite goes up, you know this is going to be one of those kites that it's going to be hard to get a go on as everyone else in the test team will be hogging it. Incredibly well balanced in the sky, the bar pressure is light, yet perfectly tuned with the kite. The Vision responds quickly to the slightest input, feeling more like a six or a seven metre. For freeriding and waves this is phenomenal. Pivoting virtually on the spot in an instant and then generating smooth power delivery as it charges through the wind window. You can turn under full control and then be pulled steadily back up the wave or around your carve. The depower is as smooth as the power delivery.
Sheeted out the kite will still steer and pull in on the bar and there's plenty of power on tap. This is one of those kites that just allows you to ride however you want. As happy doing unhooked freestyle or parked unhooked and pulling you steadily along a wave as it is to being whipped around the sky in all directions hooked-in. Plus, as there's plenty under the bonnet and with such rapid and precise handling and feedback, it's got stacks of boost to offer as well. It's the kite of choice for RRD's insane new signing, SA freestyle champion Luke McGillewie, who is probably one of the most all-round riders on the scene at the moment, giving you an idea of what this kite can do. Page 152 shows just how good he is in the waves, too.
The Vision marks the pinnacle of what can be done in this popular three strut kite design category. There is no doubt that this is one of the best all-round kites for 2011. Perhaps it's a bit too quick for very early intermediates, but the simple relaunch, build-quality, reliability and power on tap at the bar, make it a good kite for them to grow into.
Incredibly refined handling and the maximum fun factor, however you ride.
Nothing ? but we're eager to see how they might improve this kite for 2012.
SIZES: 12, 10.5, 9, 7 and 5m


This test is inissue #50

rrd vision
rrd vision
rrd vision
rrd vision

Added: 2011-03-29

Category: Gear

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