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RRD Type Hi-R 13m (2006)

This kite is like a shadow. Slick in looks and in behaviour, the power delivery is smooth and controllable and the kite is quick, nimble and predictable. We like the option of the RRD's zip to depower the kite further. If you doubt it, try it! Not the highest jumper, but it certainly wasn't shy and is an awesome kite for riding unhooked. Shame about the stopper ball getting jammed if you're careless and let it run through when depowering the kite. Can be avoided though.
The Type Hi-R continues where the Type ZH left off as a medium-high aspect five line kite, designed to be the ultimate freeride jumping machine. The leading edge design has been developed with a Perfect Curve design, offering the cleanest profile and a strong construction. Other improvements on last year include thinner struts, better low end and hang-time, one zip on all sizes and a dual pump system allowing you the option to pump up the bladder and struts at once.
GEORGE: This kite's very poised and refined. It turns really well, there isn't too much power and it is good for jumping. I like it. It is smaller than the other kites but still gets going smartly. I was expecting a much more high aspect kite than it is, being called the Hi-R, though. I was expecting a pure jump machine. This is more of a slick handle-passing kite.
JAKE: I know it is a size smaller than most, but I didn't find it went upwind that well.
GEORGE: But it has quite a bit of grunt and definitely kept me going well. It makes an immense difference when you undo the zip to upwind ability by opening up the trailing edge, letting it fly further forwards. It's not designed to be an upwind machine when it's done up, it's for unhooked grunt and sits back in the window. You needed to undo the zip.
WILL: The acceleration is sweet and really smooth. You never get hauled around wherever it is in the window.
GEORGE: You believe the kite doesn't want to hurt you. The control on the bar is full of finesse and is easy to use. Nice big chicken loop for unhooking. Bit of a ninja kite really; it's right there with you and is fast and responsive.
NEAL: There's a fifth line option for the suicide leash as well.
GEORGE: The only thing I'd change is the stopper ball on the depower line. It can slip right into the cleat and be tricky to pull out when you're riding, but that's all. I really enjoyed this.
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